Your Intention Affects Whether You Make a Sale or Not


Your Intention Affects Whether You Make a Sale or Not

Whether you have been in business for a long time or you are just starting out, I’m sure you already know your clients or customers are the life-blood of your business.

The time we feel this most is when we first start out in business, this is when we really notice that our ability to sell affects whether we put food on our table or not. As our business grows and the wolves are no longer at the door, the amount we sell affects how fast our business grows or not.

Sales is an area that many people love. I delivered training to a group of sales reps the other week, and everyone in the group just loved their job. However, many people don’t feel comfortable with sales, and because of this, they find it difficult to grow their business and sometimes wonder where the income is coming from to pay their latest bill.

What I have noticed in my own journey is this.

When I have focused solely on getting a sale, my success rate has been low, and I have found it difficult to bring new clients on board.

When I focus on what I am giving, then it changes the energy of the conversation. The new client becomes drawn to me, because they can see I am focused on them and what they want, or the problem they want a solution for. And just so you know, this can’t be faked.

Your intention affects whether you make a sale or not because other people will pick up on this, they will feel it in your energy, even though they may not be consciously aware of it. It’s evident in your behaviour and body language.

I remember the last car I bought many years ago. I went to so many different car dealerships, most of them I walked out of after the initial conversation because I knew I was being sold to. When I made my decision, it wasn’t just the car that I chose; it was the salesman. His focus was on me and what I wanted. It was evident in his behaviour, and because of that, I added quite a number of different extras to my car. Did I feel I was being sold to? No. Did I feel he was looking after me and I could trust him? Yes.

When we show our prospective clients that we have their best interests at heart, an increase in sales is an organic result, whether we are selling a product or a service.

  • Make your intention about them, not you.

If your intention is about you and serving your own interests your potential client will very much feel this, and they will resist. When your intention is about them and their interests then it changes the way you communicate, they will feel more at ease and be more open to your suggestions.

  • Focus on what you can give.

Instead of focusing on getting the sale, focus on giving and how you can serve. No one wants to be sold to. When you are focused on giving and helping them achieve the outcome they want, then they will trust you, and you will find there is no need to sell.

  • Listen.

This is an incredibly important skill and one that not many people practise. Most people are only half listening and mentally preparing their speech while they are waiting for a pause. When you do this, it’s so obvious to the person speaking, and they don’t feel heard. It’s the fastest way to break rapport. Listen with the intent to understand the person’s need or problem.

  • Be curious.

Ask questions to gain more clarity and really listen to their response. Only when you have fully listened to their needs and have a full understanding of what they want, will you have the space of trust where they will accept your solution.

What’s important to realise here is that your intention will affect where you focus, and this will affect what you are listening for and how curious you are.

Intention is powerful, and when your intention is to serve your clients best interests, you will find there is no need to sell.

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