You Get More of What You Focus on. Where Is Your Focus?


You Get More of What You Focus on. Where Is Your Focus?

If we could record your thoughts, all day every day, what would be the dominant message behind those thoughts?

  • Are you fearful of the future?
  • Are you stressed about all sorts of things?
  • Are you remembering something from the past with distress?

Or, is your dominant thinking more positive?

  • I don’t know ‘how’ yet, but things always work out for me.
  • I am so grateful and thankful for all that I already have in my life, and I know more good things are on the way.
  • In this moment, right now, which is all I have control over, I am feeling the best that I possibly can.

Do you notice when you are in the negative stream of thinking you find that all sorts of things go wrong for you? You get all the red lights, you run out of fuel, or you can’t find a park when you are in a rush.

If you can refocus your thoughts into the positive stream, then more good things come your way. You will notice the world around you seems to be smiling at you. You find that park easily, your meal tastes better, your business is flowing easily and consistently, or you get the call from the client you had been wanting. Every one of your clients turns up for their appointments, the flow is good, and money flows easily into your bank account. You just feel so much better.

Three steps to refocus your thoughts:

1. You have to begin by knowing that you are worthy and deserving of all good things.

If you do not already know this, I promise you it is relatively easy to get to that place of belief.

2. Whatever you are feeling right now, you need to soften that feeling by changing the thought you are having about it.

For example, if you are still angry with someone over a previous dealing and your dominant thought is “I hate that person”, then you need to think something like, “That was a really stinking way for that person to behave, but I have learned something really important from that interaction.”

Then soften the thought again with something like, “I know there are good people out there, and I never have to deal with that one again’.  Keep softening the thought, reaching for the best feeling thought you can find.

3. You are looking for a feeling of relief at each step of the refocusing process.

You can’t go from a really negative feeling to a really positive feeling, but you can take it step by step up the emotional ladder.

You are in control here.

There is only one person in control of how you feel and that person is you.  Doesn’t that feel good to know that you are the one in control?

Once you accept that you are in control and once you know that what you focus on you get more of, doesn’t it make sense to focus on the things that bring you a feeling of joy, or as close to joy as you can possibly be right now?

I would love to discuss the emotional ladder and how to find your own best feeling with you in the comments below.

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