You Don’t Have to Be Positive All the Time


You Don’t Have to Be Positive All the Time

If you have been aware of all the talk (and it is happening everywhere) about the Law of Attraction and how we create what we focus on, then you might have been scared into thinking that you have to be positive all the time.

While we all know, that really is not possible, more important than that, is that your negative emotions are actually very helpful to you.

You are not meant to be positive all the time.

The wonderful thing about your negative emotions is that they are there to provide guidance to you. The worse you feel, the more disconnected you have become from where you want to be in life.

We all have an ‘ideal’ life concept, you may not be consciously aware of it all the time, but there is a part of you that is aware. That’s why when you become disconnected from that ‘ideal’ chosen pathway, the one that has your heart, mind and soul in alignment, you begin to feel out of balance.

You might even feel depressed or despairing, at the very worst. Not a good place to be, but a very clear indicator that you have allowed yourself to be derailed from your preferred pathway.

How do you stay on your ‘ideal’ pathway?

Well, what would you do if you were walking towards the top of your favourite mountain, and discovered that you had gotten off track? What if you were driving to a particular destination, and realised you had gone off course? You would immediately get back on track or make an adjustment to your course, would you not?

It is the same thing with your chosen ‘ideal’ pathway. Your emotions are your GPS system that guides you to where you want to be, and your emotions are your indicators of whether you are on track or off.

What are you feeling about your business right now?

Are your feelings positive or not so positive? Hopefully, they are not despairing or depressive but, if they are, then you just need to course correct and get back on track. It might take some time and maybe even some guidance to identify what has you out of alignment but when you know where you are, just like with a GPS, it is much easier to correct the course and get back on track.

It will be the negative emotions that you are feeling, that will be the best indicators for you, that you are off track. You are always aware of how you feel, so this is an obvious guide for you when you know how to use it correctly.

Choose better feeling thoughts.

Keep in mind; you can always change the way you feel by deliberately choosing better feeling thoughts. For example, if your thought is “I am really struggling in my business right now”, then reach for a thought that softens that. Perhaps it could be, “Even though I am really struggling in my business right now, I know that my product or service has real potential to help others.”

Once you have softened the first thought, it will be easier to reach for a better feeling thought, and another better feeling thought until you come up with something like,

“What is happening right now is just a moment in time. I won’t give up because I have so much to offer. People need what I have, and I will find a way to serve that need. I can do this.”

Don’t ever give up; people need you! Listen to your emotional GPS and stay on your ‘ideal’ pathway, as when you feel good about yourself and your business, people will find you.

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