What to Do When Writing Just Isn’t Your Thing


What to Do When Writing Just Isn’t Your Thing

Would it surprise you if I tell you I find writing difficult?

Despite knowing how important writing was for my work, I always found myself thinking ‘I am not good enough writer’ and therefore no one will enjoy reading what I wrote.

I don’t share this with many people, but writing doesn’t come easily to me. As a young girl, being born in a non-English speaking country, I was what you would call a book worm. I loved reading, and I loved my native tongue. I could do all the fancy writing, playful phrasing, clever twists and sound amusing.

I am unable to write the same way in English, no matter how hard I try, it’s just not the same.

Even though my reasons for finding writing challenging may not be the same for you, I know I am not alone in this debate.

Is writing simply not your thing?

I endured a frustrating and self-doubting process each time I would attempt to write something. For years, feelings like this would deter me from writing and publishing my content. I felt I wasn’t good enough of a writer and worrying ‘What if nobody will read it?’.

It was driving me crazy, and so I decided something had to change. I had to shift my mindset.

I had to admit to myself this unadulterated truth: I am not a Shakespeare, but that doesn’t mean I am a terrible writer.

If you for whatever reason struggle with writing, here are few suggestions I could share from my experience that helped me start writing and publishing my content with satisfaction and confidence.

1. Be realistic

We are often our own harshest critics. Put together a short list of what you believe are your writing strengths.  Additionally, you could ask a fellow writer or a friend to offer their feedback and help you identify your strengths. Realising, I wasn’t as bad with my writing as I initially thought, was a turning point for me.

2. Find a writing buddy

Find someone you trust, you are comfortable with who will be an encouragement in your writing journey. An alternative to a writing buddy could be to join a writing group or start one of your own.

3. Create a writing habit

I know my writing developed around habit of writing on a regular basis. Block time in your calendar to write each day or on some occasions a week. Stick with it and try to be consistent as it will force you into regularity.

4. Be proud and celebrate you publishing success

Whether it is content you posted just on your blog or official piece of content created for someone else’s space, acknowledge this achievement. Share your success with your family, friends and your colleagues. Be proud and don’t be afraid to share your work with others.


Writing is such an important part of many business interactions and message conveyance. Despite having my challenges with writing, I recognised it is most definitely one of the areas I would like to persevere to improve as well as for personal enjoyment.

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