How to Write an Engaging Native Post


How to Write an Engaging Native Post

A native post from your Facebook Page looks like it belongs with other social posts on the newsfeed; it does not look or feel like a promotion or ad.

Native posts could be mistaken as a post from your personal profile, that’s how naturally ‘social’ they look:

  • These posts sound social too because of their conversational and storytelling tone.
  • The uploaded images don’t shout, “I’ve just been purchased from a stock-photo site”, they are more natural and welcoming.
  • They generally do not have any URL links, but if they do, they are discreet and understated.
  • And they are typically the most engaging type of post on social media because they don’t send people to some other location on the internet.

I used to be quite fixated on sending people to my website via ‘link posts’ so people could get to know me better (and so I could fill my Facebook pixel audience for future Ads campaigns).

These days I’m more trusting that the right people will go to my website when they desire to learn more about me and what I offer. And since focusing more on ‘native posting’, the conversations on my Facebook Page are way more meaningful and inspiring.

So how do you craft an ‘engaging’ native post?

There are no set rules but if you’d like a bit of a guide then try this:

  • Begin your first line with a sentence that describes something your audience cares about, a difficulty they are experiencing or a goal they are trying to achieve (e.g. Giving money for a purpose beyond paying the bills, etc.)
  • Now that you have your readers attention take them on a little journey. Share your opinion on the subject, share your story, and/or share something that will help them.
  • Ask them a question at the end of the post, one that will be fairly easy to respond to, but that also requires more than a one-word response.
  • Use an image that your audience would happily associate themselves with. Avoid images of their pain, stress or shame.

That’s pretty much it!

I have a library of native post examples on my Facebook Page that may help you to craft yours. Be casual, be personable, be ‘you’. That’s what will encourage readers to contribute to the conversation in the comments.

Have questions or thoughts to share about this topic? Let’s chat in the comments.

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