World Voice Day and Tips to Improve Your Speaking Voice


World Voice Day and Tips to Improve Your Speaking Voice

The purpose of World Voice Day for Smallvillians:

In the words of Andrew Griffiths, “Smallville is a place for Small Business owners who think big. It is a community where people share their ideas, advice and best knowledge with Small Business owners. They are passionate about helping Small Business owners to build the best businesses they possibly can. The information is real, current, extremely practical and relevant to any Small Business.”

Synchronously Word Voice Day (WVD) involves many people who passionately believe that our voices, either vocal or non-vocal, are the most critical tools for various aspects of effective and healthy communication within our business lives.

WVD is a worldwide annual event that takes place on April 16 which is devoted to it’s mission statement, to share ‘the excitement of the Voice Phenomenon’.

Through many platforms, these voice specialists, share current best practice ideas, advice and real & practical knowledge to help professional voice users like yourselves to be the best they possibly can.

WVD also brings global awareness to the voice, to encourage all those who use their voice for business or pleasure, to learn to take care of their voice and know when to seek help through vocal training.

Your voice is like a gem with facets reflecting multiple scientific disciplines and functional applications. Voice science has foundations in various branches of physics, particularly biophysics, aerodynamics, mechanics and acoustics.

Voice pedagogy involves vocal development and expressions of speech integral to every relationship and culture in the world.  You depend heavily on vocal communication as it is a crucial tool in daily work tasks for a significant portion of the entire working population and how your voice functions is highly influential upon your quality of life.

However, both the general public and professionals in many disciplines lack an understanding of the great significance of the voice thus WVD events aim to demystify the mystery of your voice.

In 2016 more than 700 events took place all over the world with many more planned for 2017 including this small interesting selection below:

  • Awareness for Voice Care: Bangladesh

A rally to raise awareness for voice care and vocal health starting from the Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

  • World Voice Day Celebration 2017: United States

Education, demonstrations and consultations regarding vocal function and health sponsored by the University of Georgia(UGA) Speech and Hearing Clinic and Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the Ramsey Concert Hall.

  • Environmental Pollution and Voice: Mexico City

A round table targeting the topic of the effects of environmental pollution on the speaking voice. “Environmental Pollution has many different effects on human health. It is necessary to understand the complexity of this problem. Air quality, gases and micro-environmental pollution are important issues thus measuring these levels will enable us to prevent or avoid the potential risks upon the voice.”

  • A flashmob entitled, “The Music of Voice”: Russia Federation
  • A lecture outlining the “Role of Voice in the Profession of a Speech Pathologist”: Russia Federation
  • Understanding the Human Voice: Sydney Australia

An entertaining and informative public presentation for anyone who is interested in the human voice and how it works, presented by Dr Noel Hanna.

These events are diverse in their content(awareness, enhancement, prevention and celebration), target audience and predicted outcomes.

Here are some World Voice Day tips specifically designed for you to use when preparing to lead a business appointment, presentation or meeting:

  1. Warm your voice up 5 mins before and cool it down 5 mins afterwards.
  2. Drink loose leaf licorice tea or green tea with honey beforehand and also after your gig too!
  3. Sip clean fresh water before, during and after.
  4. Use a microphone to enhance your vocal intensity thus reducing the need to raise your voice.
  5. Reduce background noise.
  6. Use visual cues: objects, pictures, photos, videos and body language to emphasise your verbal content.
  7. Speak at a reasonable pace, pausing to take a breath at the end of phrases or sentences allowing your audience to process and comprehend your messages.
  8. Vary the pitch of your voice within your natural pitch range.
  9. Open your mouth wider when speaking to allow natural resonance to be added to the natural sounds of your voice.
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