How the Word “Yes” Can Give You the Energy Boost You Need


How the Word “Yes” Can Give You the Energy Boost You Need

Do you have a great business, but seem to lack energy and sometimes feel like you’ve lost your mojo? As Small Business owners we are taught to say “Yes” as often as possible and this is a great thing, it’s how we welcome new opportunities that can grow our business. When this word is taken to the extreme however, it can also cause you to feel tired and lack motivation, and even lead you and your business to go off track.

In my last article, I talked about the power of the word “No” and how this can help you recharge your own power, grow your business and stay on track. The word “Yes” used in a highly resourceful way also has the power to change the way you experience your life and business, and in a way that you maybe haven’t yet considered.

When we first start out in business, we tend to develop the skill of being highly versatile. Many people have developed that versatility over the span of their lives and are able to handle a multitude of tasks at any one time.

This is a great skill that I’ve mastered myself. I have in the past been described as a fantastic multitasker, nothing was ever too much for me to take on and I would always put my hand up for a job that needed doing.

So as a new business owner, these skills came in handy, I was responsible for every role in the business and there was always plenty of new stuff to learn. I prided myself on my independence and being able to do everything without help. This was a pattern I did in my business and my personal life. I would politely refuse when anyone offered to help me and would never dream of reaching out and asking for a hand.

Small Business owners I’ve had the pleasure of coaching sometimes play out the same pattern. Even when they have a fabulous team to support them, they may micro manage and insist on doing things themselves that could be delegated, because they feel it will be done properly that way.

They have a belief that the business won’t operate effectively without them and a need to create certainty by controlling every task that is done in their business. Often they complain that their team isn’t working to their full potential. They are often tired of doing everything themselves, they may feel resentful and that they have no life.

When they begin to understand that our business is a reflection of us and start to see that their need for independence and control is affecting both their own and their team’s motivation levels, they are able to turn it around.

Learn to say “Yes” to offers of help

Our need for certainty or significance can drive us to do everything ourselves, we may also feel that we are putting others out by accepting help. Its important to remember here that people only offer help if they want to and when we repeatedly reject those offers, they stop offering. This applies to all aspects of our life. When we accept help from someone, we give that person the opportunity to feel needed. It also frees up some of your time and gives you an energy boost.

Learn to ask for help

Significance, connection and contribution are three very important fundamental needs of a human being. We all like to feel needed and that we are contributing, it fulfils our need for significance and we are able to connect with that person even more. I know how fantastic I feel when someone reaches out to me. Give that pleasure to someone else and ask for help when you need it, you will be amazed how energised you both feel!

Delegate wisely

No one is great at everything; we all have different skills and strengths. Delegation is a skill in itself and its important to delegate well, which is another topic. Start delegating responsibilities to other members of your team who have the qualities and strengths to perform them well. Remember that this is also about contributing to your team and helping them grow. When you do this, notice how much more energy you have and how their motivation levels rise.

When you learn to say, “Yes” in this way, you will notice that you will recharge your own energy, reclaim your mojo and boost the power and motivation of those around you, enabling you to change your life experience and grow your business.

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