Make Your Big Business Dreams a Reality in 30 Days


Make Your Big Business Dreams a Reality in 30 Days

“Oh, that’s just wishful thinking.”

You know the term wishful thinking, right? I bet you’ve heard it a plethora of times throughout your life. Notice it’s never said with positive connotations. Why is that? Why can’t we inject “wishful thinking” into our daily thoughts and the words we use in positive way?

This year I started running events … it was a huge step (in the right direction) for my business. Essentially, without knowing it I’d created a whole new business – and I was scared as hell. I’d never done them before and here I was about to launch a networking group and workshops all over the country. Who did I think I was … a superwoman?

Was it wishful thinking? Yes, I guess it was. However, this year I had decided I was going to face my fears and not be scared of anything. Big call.

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So I pulled together a networking group with the aim of bringing motivated and likeminded people into a room so we can all learn from each other. I was so worried no one was going to turn up … then we had 45 people to the first ever event and about 30-35 consistently each time after that.

That was definitely wishful thinking. I wished with all my heart and soul, my thoughts and my words, and my vision to make that happen. And it paid off … in less than 30 days.

My wish now is to get 50 people consistently.

Wishful thinking just doesn’t happen, there’s a strategy if you really want your big business dreams to come true – and it comes down to wish craft.

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Here are the 5 steps to make your big business dreams a reality in 30 days or less:

1. Know what you want

It’s the title of one of Wayne Dyer’s speeches, How to get what you really (really, really, really) want. It’s important to know what you want. Once you become clear on this, everything you do will relate back to this vision and then everything will fall into place because you will be thinking, speaking and dreaming about it. I tell people I will get 50 people in the room. I think about what that will look like. I think about having to upgrade the venue. I see the event evolving. I know what I want so I can start crafting my wishes to get there.

2. Make a plan

The next step is to get your plan in place, even if it is a loose one. When something is so new it will change, evolve and grow -that’s inevitable – so you must have an end goal in mind and then you will know where you are heading and you can make decisions based on that goal. Break that big goal – your big dream, your wish – down into smaller more manageable tasks.

3. Ask for help

We can’t do everything ourselves, a lesson I learned the hard way, so simply ask for help. A very wise man told me recently that if you don’t ask people for help you are robbing them of the opportunity to feel joy because that’s what happens when we step in and lend a hand. It feels good. Once you have a team of people in place to help you, delegate to them. Take the pressure off yourself so you can go for those higher-level dreams.

4. Let go

Let go of fear. It’s not doing you any justice. It’s holding you back. This year I decided I was going to face my fears head on and not let them get in my way. Wow. The opportunities that have opened up have been incredible. When you learn to let go of negative vibes, experiences, people, situations and thoughts, you will soar. Then just watch wat happens.

5. Dream big

There are no limits to your imagination so dream as big as you can. Why not? What have you got to lose? Visualise what you want, write it down, start working on your goal, talk to the right people and start sharing it with the world. You never know, this might just be the thing that is going to take your business to the next level and help you design a life and business your love on your terms.

So why not use wishful thinking to get what you really (really, really, really) want? What’s your wishful thought? We are a community of motivated business owners here who love nothing more than to support each other. So please feel free to share your thoughts. You never know when an amazing opportunity might come knocking on your door.

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