Winning Isn’t Everything: A Lesson for the Media and Every Small Business Owner


Winning Isn’t Everything: A Lesson for the Media and Every Small Business Owner

I don’t know about you, but September is one of my favourite months of the year, not only because everything seems sunnier as we move into Spring, but it’s Finals time, and I love it.  As a junior netball coach and an avid Hawthorn AFL supporter, this is the time I live for – where all my hard work as a coach and supporter hopefully get me to the ultimate goal – winning on Grand Final Day.

And yet, for many teams and individuals, they NEVER get to that day, let alone feel the joy of lifting the Premiership Cup or winning that trophy or Gold Medal.  And I say Gold Medal deliberately because the Olympics has recently concluded and I feel the Australian media has lost sight about what sport and particularly the Olympics is all about.

I realise each sport would’ve had a number in mind of how many gold, silver and bronze medals they thought they could achieve, but I became more and more frustrated and disillusioned with the telecast the longer it went on.  Why?  Because the only focus for most media outlets were how many medals we had won and particularly how many gold medals we had won.  And the number obviously wasn’t enough or what they wanted because, at one stage, Todd Woodbridge showed a table of how many medals we had won by population percentage because that made the figures look better than reality.

It was at this point I turned the Olympics off.

I believe it is a phenomenal effort to simply qualify and get to the Olympics, let alone then gaining a medal.  Unfortunately, our media outlets have lost sight of this as they only wanted to broadcast possible gold medal events and talk to gold medal athletes which I think is such a shame.

Because it’s the joy of competing and having a go and improving which we should be celebrating; a point clearly demonstrated my one of my under 12s netball teams who didn’t have a win all year.  But my goodness they improved, and we celebrated lots of little things like scoring the most number of goals in a quarter and in a game.  Because if we didn’t do this, they would not have continued to show up, train and play as hard as they could with such wonderful enthusiasm.

Does this mean the girls lost sight of winning?  Definitely not but the reality is we won’t win at everything…. in business and in life.  Someone or some team will always come along who is better than us… on that day… at that time.  And if we don’t start teaching the lesson of resilience and that winning isn’t everything, then we may be facing even higher rates of mental illness and depression as a result.

I help businesses implement simple systems and often this is a two step forward, eight step back process, particularly in the beginning so it’s critical we take stock and celebrate the great work that’s happening along the way.  I also help clients find as much fun as we can.  Otherwise, it can become a very frustrating and overwhelming process.

So in your business, are you celebrating the little wins along the journey of a task, project or goal; or are you waiting until the end and will only celebrate once you achieve your target?

Because what if something outside of your control e.g. market shifts means you NEVER achieve the goal as it currently stands?  What will you do then?  What message are you sending to yourself and your team?

Are you helping your team find the FUN in your business and in the work they are doing?  This is key ingredient most businesses need to find, especially when time are tough because we all need to find a reason to keep going.

So what’s your reason?  What’s each of your team member’s reason to come to work for you each and every day beyond getting paid?  If you don’t know, here’s a great opportunity to find out.

You won’t always win every client or every game, but if you look at the little wins in everything you and your team do, rather than focusing on the end result, you’ll find so much more joy and productivity in your business as well as your life.

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