Winners and Losers Where Are You in the Race?


Winners and Losers Where Are You in the Race?

There will always be winners and losers, which means we need to recognise that we can’t all come first.

I don’t much care for the American view of the World that seems to suggest that you’re either a winner or a loser. It’s too final. Most races in the real world have no end. They just keep going, and your position is always at risk from those behind you who are seeking to get ahead. And I don’t much care for the “loser” epithet either. I’ve always thought it demeaning of those who do well but don’t necessarily come first.

Perhaps it’s my British sense of fair play and our subtly different approach to competition.

This may also explain some of our sporting achievements, or lack thereof, over the years.

Winners and Losers – Be your best, not the best.

Today, being the best seems to be the thing that everyone wants to achieve, and given the money in sport, I can understand where the drive comes from. But when I was growing up, I was taught to be my best, not the best, and I was told that playing a good game and personal performance are just as important as winning.


Winning then, at least for me, isn’t everything, but it’s definitely something, so I’m not about to give up easily. That said, I have been known to play games with my daughter purely for the entertainment value, much to her annoyance, but she loves me all the more for it.

And I try to achieve this same balance when it comes to my business. I want to offer the best service I can. If that happens to be better than everyone else, GREAT, but if it’s only the best that I can do so be it. As long as I make the customer happy in the process, it’s PERFECT.


However, I’m not so sure that fixed price real estate business Purplebricks quite understood this approach. Their business model just didn’t gel with the Aussie punter, and it led to them exit the Australian market recently.


Well, as chairman Paul Pindar said, “…our rate of geographic expansion was too rapid, and as a result, the quality of execution has suffered.”

One of the accusations levelled at them was that they simply didn’t create a good experience for either the customer or the agent, and this was in spite of their technology platforms.


Hidden within their sad departure is an important lesson for anyone thinking of developing software to enhance their business offerings.

Purplebricks tried to disrupt their market with a new model but ultimately, they weren’t successful. They had the app, the flashy website and a service that was cheaper than the other guys.

But it wasn’t enough.

And it wasn’t, because they weren’t focussing on the right thing.

If we’re to become a leader in our race, we must practice human-centricity. We must look at the needs and wants of the people involved first and foremost.  Assuming that tawdry technology and a more competitive price will deliver the outcomes that you want, will likely lead to disappointment.



Because best practice is found when we develop a culture of people AND technology, not people OR technology.

This is true whether it’s the tools you give your team to use or the options you deliver to your customers to help them interact with you.

You’ll reap the best rewards when you empower your team and engage with your clients.

Winners and Losers all have their place.

So take a moment today to look around your organisation. Have you given your team the tools they need to be their best selves? 

Have you done the same for your customers? If you have, you’ll be in the race to the top. You might never win, but your clients will be happy, and that will ensure that you never win the race to the bottom.

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