Are You Willing to Make a ‘Change of Mind’ to Explode Your Business?


Are You Willing to Make a ‘Change of Mind’ to Explode Your Business?

If you could simply ‘change your mind’ and see your business go from zero to hero, would you do it?

Yes, of course you would … Like it or not, your business growth is your ‘choice’. Your ‘core beliefs’ are either going to give you room to grow your business, or they are going to bring you to a grinding halt. The level of success you reach is wholly set by your beliefs and what you believe you can create.

None of it exists outside your own head. So, if you’re going to create a successful business, you need to make sure you have set your mind on the right path. Your business growth is not dictated solely by the economy, sales, contacts, systems or dumb luck.

Business growth is really dictated by your mindset.

Your beliefs will either limit your growth, by setting your expectations where you will pull back and restrict your efforts, or drive you to find ways to ‘accelerate and grow’ past any roadblocks or restrictions.

I have been building business for over two decades.  Some were dismal failures; others impressive successes. But the true successes came when I believed I could do it and I was committed to seeing it through and metaphorically ‘burning the boats’ so there was no going back.

The problem manifested in a strange way.

This became even more apparent when I saw the power of the Free the Thinkers program.  I knew I had to take the next step to see the business go to the next level. I even knew I would have to expand my activities nationally, but I was self-sabotaging, procrastinating and generally not taking the necessary steps.

And in all honesty, I didn’t t know why I was pulling back. The dream was big and exciting, everyone around me was singing the idea’s praises, and the project was accelerating forward at breakneck speed. The trouble was, I was not. I was stuck in first gear, spinning my wheels in the mud, frustrated as hell, and I couldn’t see why.

The block was subtle but real.

I knew I had a block somewhere and I finally found it in a talk with a mentor of mine.

I had a major attachment issue with my father. And I was capping my business growth to stay in his business. This was a subconscious thought, and I wasn’t even aware of it.

The change of mind was simple.

Then the miraculous happened. I addressed the problem, and it changed everything: my commitment to the project went through the roof, and my ability to sell the project strengthened to a new level. I was pulling people on board in almost every business encounter.

A simple change of mind changed everything.

You can change your mind and see the world turn around you too. But are you willing to change?

Shoot me a comment below and let us all know what you’ve done. Let’s celebrate together!

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