Why the Ultra Tune Ads Have to Go!


Why the Ultra Tune Ads Have to Go!

The latest Ultra Tune advertisements have hit the airwaves and mums are not happy.  The advertisements have been labelled “deplorable and sexist” and many other words I’m unable to print here.  Mums are downright furious that these remain on-air. See an example below.

Here are three reasons you don’t want to upset Australian mothers:

1. Mums are powerful

There are 6.2 million mothers in Australia and collectively they are responsible for $132 billion in spending. They are the largest consumer segment controlling more than 80% of all purchases.  Mums are incredible communicators and they are key influencers in the purchase decisions of not just their immediate family but their extended family members and other mums in their community.

Right now they are gathering and sharing their disgust for the Ultra Tune advertisements on Facebook, at the school gate and in conversations in the office.  They are gathering their armies of mums to boycott Ultra Tune and are submitting their complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

Over the past forty-eight hours my Facebook feed has been filled with comments from mothers revolted by what they have witnessed. They are infuriated that they must tolerate this depiction of women and they want to be heard.  Mums all over the country are looking to boycott Ultra Tune. Given they are based on a franchise model I feel for the franchise operators who have had little control over this advertising campaign as they are about to feel the pain of a loss of business.

2. Mums are a growing market in automotive 

Despite Ultra Tune stating that 95% of their customers are men, I beg to differ and feel Ultra Tune are missing an incredible financial opportunity in not actively targeting mums.  Mothers are increasingly getting involved in automotive decisions.

In fact, Juliet Potter, Founder of states that women purchase 70% of all new vehicles in Australia and make the final decision in 85% of all new car purchases. It follows that they are also actively involved in the purchase of new tyres and getting the car serviced.  It’s incredibly important that the automotive industry moves with the behavioural changes in mothers.  The advertising strategy Ultra Tune are using alienate and repel mothers from ever buying from them.

3. Marketing responsibility

As business owners and marketers we have a corporate and moral responsibility to avoid using outdated, socially unacceptable stereotypes.  Ultra Tune have broken this moral code in the way they have depicted women (and men in my opinion). As a mother I do not want my children, girls and boys, exposed to the Ultra Tune advertisements. I believe it will be an awfully long process to get mothers back as I believe they will remember this poorly executed strategy for many years to come.

Whilst I believe that the power of mums and the volume of complaints they will lodge with the Advertising watchdog will mean that these tasteless advertisements will eventually be removed, my concerns remain. This kind of advertising is significantly damaging both to our society and the Ultra Tune business. It will take a huge amount of time to rebuild relationships with this powerful consumer segment.

Over the past two days I’ve been messaged on numerous occasions calling for me to help Ultra Tune so, I offer Ultra Tune CEO Sean Buckley some advice, terminate these advertisements immediately to save your franchisees businesses and give me a call.  In my quest to change the way our society speaks to mothers, I’d be happy to advise you.

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  • Sheldon Morey

    I’m just over this mindless rubbish

  • Bronwyn

    So disappointing that there are still people who think ads like this are a good idea.


    great article Katrina. so many ideas out there and they choose this!!! very bad positioning.

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