Why I Date My Clients and Why You Should Too


Why I Date My Clients and Why You Should Too

Love, lust, butterflies in your stomach; if you’ve ever dated I’m sure you’ve felt all of these! Primping and prepping yourself to look your best for the lucky guy or girl you’re about to see.

Dates come in all shapes and sizes. There are the first dates, the weekly dates, the nudist dating, the gay dating, millionaire dating, toy boy dating, vegetarian dating, blind dates and so many more! Then after the first date you need a rolodex of date ideas to keep things fresh and interesting i.e.: dinner date, movie date, stay at home dates, outdoor dates, zoo dates, circus dates, romance dates, day spa dates, bed dates, picnic dates and again the list goes on. Phew! There are just so many choices!

What does all this mean, and why do I date my clients?

Ok, so once you know who you’re going on a date with and where you’re going; think about what happens when you’re on the date. The flow of conversation, what do you talk about? The gazing into one another’s eyes becoming captivated and fully in the moment. Feeling your heart skip a beat and you can’t help but smile.

This is what I want my clients and potential clients to feel every time they connect with me and my brand.

Often the term marketing and sales are used as one in the same but, dating in business is marketing. It’s getting to know your target audience and inviting them on to the next date with you.

For Example:John asks Jenny out on a date, they go dancing. At the end of the night John turns to Jenny and says “Gee I had a great time, I’ve really enjoyed your company. Would you like to go to the movies on Friday night?” and luckily for John, Jenny says “YES!”

How does this relate to YOU and YOUR Business?

Marketing in your business is allowing your target audience to get to know you better. Sharing with them more about you, your brand, your products, services and how you can help them with what they want and need. When you give this to your audience you want to keep them captivated and fully immersed in what you are sharing. To do this, you must give them something of true value and benefit.

BUT, to do this well you must always ask your clients or prospective clients out on the next date. This doesn’t necessarily mean asking them to buy from you right way. It means asking your clients to take the next step with you. Understanding that each business has a different sales process, the next step will be different too.

If you’re selling a low priced item, your next step would be “Buy Now”. If you’re selling a high ticket item, your next step would be “Book an Appointment” or “Request a Demo”. Don’t be afraid to ask your client or tell your client what to do next. It‘s the same as dating, if you like a person and you want to see them again, ask them on another date!

Let’s talk SEX.

Dating doesn’t always lead to sex and marketing doesn’t always lead to a sale!

Dating comes in all shapes and sizes and you need to keep the spark alive. So when it comes to dating your clients, whether you have sex with them or not you need to focus on the spark. Give your clients what they want and keep them wanting more. As your clients and prospects choose to keep dating you and continue to take the next step with you, they become one step closer to buying from you.

In marketing terms, the next step is known as the call to action or CTA.

So what are you waiting for, start dating your clients and prospects, date online, offline and on the phone. Make sure you’re telling your clients and prospect how they can discover more about you and your brand, don’t leave them wondering if they have a next date or not.

** Disclaimer**
I don’t recommend dating or having sex with your clients in real life. I do recommend a strategic approach to marketing and sales, keeping your audience engaged and interested in you and your brand!

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  • mm
    Carla Schesser

    Love the saucyness to this article Vikki. So funny but so true. x

  • Cate Scolnik

    Hi Vikki,

    This is so true, and mirrors a podcast I heard recently. Marketing really is like dating! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Vikki Malmberg

      Thanks Cate!
      I’m always having this conversation. Just like dating, marketing is the long game!

  • Karl Schwantes

    So True Vikki,
    No one likes a wham bam thank you Mam 😉
    Long term relationships are not only more fulfilling but also more profitable long term. 🙂

    • Vikki Malmberg

      Absolutely Karl, relationships, relationships , relationships!
      In your industry, the engagement ring, the wedding ring & the eternity ring ?

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