Why Holden’s Latest Advertising Campaign Hits the Spot With Mums


Why Holden’s Latest Advertising Campaign Hits the Spot With Mums

Recently I reported on the polarising impact Holden’s new ‘Nothing To Prove, Prove It’ campaign had.

It aimed to attract mothers. Some said they felt irreverent and free, but some just cringed. Well, a fortnight ago Holden released their latest advertisement in the series and mums across Australia are united in their absolute delight.

In their latest campaign, they feature mum, Comedian and Influencer, Celeste Barber, who is well known for her tongue-in-cheek approach as she mocks the lives of glamorous celebrities. The ad was created to promote the Holden Equinox SUV and was designed to showcase self-assured mothers who had nothing to prove and lived life on their own terms.

Mums loved Holden’s new campaign.

We invited the same mothers who were polarised by the earlier ‘Nothing to prove? Prove it’ campaign to comment on the new ad featuring Celeste Barber. Mothers across Australia were eager to share their love of this particular advertisement:

Finally, … This is bloody awesome.

“Nailed it! This is truly awesome. It made me genuinely warm to the car and the brand.”

“Now this makes far more sense. I actually felt a connection.”

“Kudos to the Holden Marketing team for having the guts to run with a ‘real’ mum. It’s so much better than any other car ad.”

“Love this. Celeste is fantastic.”

The Celeste Barber edition of the ‘Nothing to Prove? Prove It’ campaign has been incredibly well received. In fact, Media Week claims that in the first twenty-four hours the campaign has seen more than 760K views and over 6,500 comments on Celeste Barber’s social media pages.

Why has this ad been so successful?

Holden’s latest advertisement has proved a hit with Mums because of three key elements.

1. The fit.

Firstly, Celeste represents an excellent fit for the brand’s campaign title. Celeste typifies a woman who has nothing to prove and approaches life on her own terms. She is as real as they get.

2. The humour.

Secondly, Holden has used humour, which is often lacking in advertising pitched at mothers. They have worked with Celeste to co-create a series of digital ads which typify a mum’s reality.

3. Poking fun at stereotypes.

Thirdly, by poking fun at all the stereotypical images of glamorous women who have it all together or those who are objectified, Holden was able to successfully communicate to mothers that they understand them. This is critical in developing deeper relationships with mothers and often lacking by big brands.

What do Mums really want from automotive brands?

In our 2017 survey of more than 1800 Australian mums, we uncovered that mums feel a significant disconnect between advertising and their reality. In fact, 63% of Australian mums actually feel that advertisers don’t understand them. With women representing 65% of new car purchases in Australia, there is a huge financial opportunity for automotive brands who can get this right.

The responses from mothers to the latest advertisement in Holden Equinox’s advertising highlights that Australian mothers are looking to engage with brands which break the mould and try something different. They want automotive brands to take the time to better understand them and depict their reality rather than stereotypical family scenes. The closer automotive brands can demonstrate the reality of family life the greater the reward from Australian mums.

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