Why DIYing Everything Is a Terrible Idea


Why DIYing Everything Is a Terrible Idea

I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say that one of the reasons you got into business was because you wanted some degree of freedom and flexibility.

However, you soon realise that with late nights, hours fighting with your website or your accounting, that you actually have less freedom and flexibility than you did in the day job. I feel you. I did that for the first 15 years in business. You probably already know you should or have tried to outsource some tasks, with differing levels of success.

And here’s a secret: my early attempts at outsourcing tasks were abysmal failures.

But in the last couple of years, I have successfully outsourced things in my business. And, I’ve seen how it can massively help you to leverage.

Outsourcing can help you create leverage in your business.

When it comes to creating leverage in your business, there are 3 levers you can pull – products, people and systems. Outsourcing is one of the key ways you can leverage people.

In a recent episode of the Leveraged & Loving It podcast, I chatted with my good friend and fellow business owner, Rosie Shilo. Rosie owns the virtual assistant network, Virtually Yours.

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation about leveraging and outsourcing, that I’d love you to think about if you’re still trying to DIY everything yourself:

Is DIYing something actually cheaper?

Have you ever taken on a DIY project in the home, only to discover that by the time you buy all the materials and put it together, it would have been cheaper and easier to just buy the damn thing or hire a professional? Yep? It’s usually the same in our businesses too.

As a coach or thought leader, your main tasks ideally should be: think, create, sell, deliver.

If you spend 50 hours on your website, how much money are you’re theoretically throwing down the drain? You could be using that time to bring in revenue. Now, I know it’s not quite that simple, but I want you to embrace your value and see that DIYing is not always cheaper. Sure, you’re keeping your expenses low, but you’re also thwarting your potential revenue.

As Rosie Shilo said on the podcast:

 “A lot of people get into business so they have freedom and flexibility. It’s funny because until you outsource and you leverage, then you are kidding yourself. Because you can’t be everything to everyone.”

Buy results not time.

One of my main lessons, when it came to outsourcing was to buy packaged results, not time. I chatted to Rosie about this, and we were 100% on the same page.

Rosie said:

“If you buy a package, you know why you hired them, you know what should be achieved by the end of it. And it’s just clearer and easier for everyone to assess how that relationship is going in terms of providing value.”

If you hired a Virtual Assistant (VA) for 5 hours a month, you would have to spend time finding things for them to do each month. Argh! That’s a nightmare. However, if you hire a VA to prepare 4 newsletters per month, you don’t need to worry about how much time it’s going to take them or finding things to fill up the time. It’s much more efficient. That’s incredibly leveraged because it’s guaranteed to get stuff done in the business every single week or every single month.

For coaches and thought leaders who are thinking about outsourcing, I encourage you to think about what are those tasks that you need done consistently in your business, that are outside your Zone of Genius. Write them all down and imagine how that’s going to feel if they’re taken off your plate.

Get someone in their Zone of Genius.

“The second you want someone who has that intuition, wants to help you succeed, and grow and work alongside you, well, you need to pay more for that”. – Rosie Shilo

Ideally, when it comes to outsourcing tasks that involve initiative, you want to get people who are in their Zones of Genius. It’s good for them and it’s good for you. Because they are probably going to be more efficient and better at the task than you. And if it’s an ongoing role, you want them to have the confidence and initiative to grow your business alongside you.

You won’t get the freedom and flexibility you were hoping for if you DIY everything – only hours and hours of frustration and struggling to grow.

So, promise me, that if something is outside your Zone of Genius and it’s stopping you from growing your business, you’ll get leveraged and outsource it to someone else. DIYing everything is a terrible idea. And it’s not leveraged at all.

Let’s chat in the comments below about what you’re going to outsource next and why.

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