Why Business Owners Seriously Need More Fun


Why Business Owners Seriously Need More Fun

In this busy life, we are so dang responsible all the time and we seriously need more fun. Our responsibilities grow as our business grows, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming or like a big drag.

This is a topic discussed in my circle a LOT. Last week we were all sitting around the table over dinner whinging about it.

We all have similar experiences in the responsibilities we assume, always doing the right thing by others even to the detriment of ourselves.

We are focusing on growth and all the possibilities and burdens that it can bring, distracted and waylaid by our doubts and insecurities, about how to get better at and in our business. 

If you are a small business owner, you might relate.

Our friends were trying to sell and buy a house as well as work full time along with trying to find a new location for their business. We were coming off the back end of some full on business stress and were still trying to get our energy back.

Realising we were all doing what we do but with less drive and enthusiasm than even a few short months previously was pretty deflating.

As is often the case with deep friendships our conversation turned into one of the deeper vision for our lives. I count myself lucky that I have a friendship circle that allows and encourages this kind of conversation.

 We had been moaning and listening to our own sad stories for so long that we had started to believe them. We were struggling to see or feel anything else.

It suddenly dawned on us that with all the responsibility and seriousness in our lives, we were not having any fun. 

Worse than that we were becoming boring, we were even getting sick of each other!

Not having any fun was a serious problem. 

Fun and pleasure are fuel for creativity, problem solving and innovation. Staleness, boredom lack of motivation and enthusiasm are the results of a ‘fun-less’ life. One of my genius friends had us all make a pact that we would do something in the following week JUST FOR FUN. 

I know, a radical act.

Some of the things mentioned I’m censoring and are a direct result of the bottles of wine consumed, however, we made a promise to each other and ourselves that whatever we chose as fun it would happen within the week.

Mine was dancing; it just happened to be in the dark.

For the longest time, I had been thinking about going to a free movement dark dance class – that just means it happens in the dark.

This class appealed to me because even though I always felt I have ‘moves like Jaeger’ I’m probably just kidding myself. Also, dancing in pitch black seemed like it would be quite a different experience to the lights on kind of class, no worrying about my questionable dance moves, just doing them. 

I found a class and prepared myself to have some serious fun.

Yes, it was a bit daunting turning up to a dark hall, not knowing what to expect. After all, it was going to be in the dark right? Who knew what would go on. 

After making my way there thinking of all the million responsible things I should have been doing, I paid my money and stumbled into a very dark room pumping with loud music and who knows how many warm moving bodies.

I committed, and danced my butt off. It was liberating, exhilarating and soooo much FUN. I felt so much tension leave my body and wasn’t interested in what anyone else was doing.

I had no obligations except to myself for that one hour. I felt free, unburdened and relaxed (as well as sweaty and slightly unhinged). I shouted out the lyrics, laughed my head off and noticed how simply great it made me feel.

However, it is what happened next that is most pertinent to you my fun-starved business friends. 

Having fun improved my business.

Having fun got me inspired. I got excited. I got my energy back. I had a great new experience to share with my friends and employees. I came into my business like a breath of fresh air.

I achieved more in the next three days than I had in the two previous weeks.

As I said previously, having fun is how we can recharge our batteries. This was not exercised as a chore or obligation; it was just for me. Just for fun.

Dancing in the dark may not be your thing; it just happened to be mine. But do you even know what your thing might be? I encourage you to find your fun and then, more importantly, to have it.

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