What’s Your Approach to New Experiences?


What’s Your Approach to New Experiences?

Recently my wife and I started taking our own separate singing classes.

Not long ago the teacher mentioned to my wife that when people first start taking classes, they generally fall into two categories:

  • The type of person that shows up that completely goes for it in an uninhibited manner.
  • The type of person that shows up but holds back in their singing.

When I learned this, I thought that this was an apt analysis of how many people approach new experiences.

I know it can be an oversimplification to divide these types of experiences into just a few categories, but in this case, I feel the contrast of the two ideas can be helpful for learning what natural or unconscious approaches we have within us that can come to bare when we enter something new.

It is all about finding our own personal balance.

Both of these approaches have some wisdom built into them, but they can also inhibit us with moving forward.

Those who go full steam ahead:

These people can sometimes miss things or even forget some of what they experience. It also may be that time for reflection may get missed, or too much may occur to process what has been experienced, and lastly, both focus and structure can suffer as a result.

Those who enter something new in a completely uninhibited way can also gain a lot because they are not holding back. These people attempt to get the most out of a situation.

Sometimes what is needed with this approach is to slow down a bit or focus in on a few key elements.

Reigning in a bit with some structure, in this case, can go a long way towards learning something new for instance. When singing, belting it out can be great and useful however to start developing your tone a bit of structure and control helps to eventually nail the notes that are being sung.

People who hold back a bit:

These people may also have a bit of fear. This fear can get in the way of their experiencing or learning new things. Some people who fall into this category may not reach their full potential as their caution gets in the way.

On the other hand, these people that hold back also can learn a lot. Being a bit cautious often seems to go hand in hand with paying attention to detail. Sometimes it is also good to hold back as this can be the path to success. Avoiding something risky can sometimes pay off.

What is needed with this approach is a willingness to step into that which we are uncertain of.

Sometimes this is about learning to overcome and or embrace our fears. It can also be about learning to accept our past experiences or letting go of our preconceptions about the future.

What type of singer are you?

Are you the kind of person that belts out your singing or do you sing with a bit of silence? Where on this spectrum do you find yourself?

I do not think it matters if you are one or the other. Each approach has its benefits. There are times to be uninhibited, and there are also times to hold back.

For me what is important is recognising those patterns within myself that unconsciously rise to the surface in new situations.

With this information, we can then start to learn what may be holding us back from taking the next steps.

We can then take steps toward making choices based on the information and experiences at hand, instead of just reacting out of habit.

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