What’s the Real Reason You Don’t Have the Money You Want?


What’s the Real Reason You Don’t Have the Money You Want?

As we move towards the end of the financial year, we become very money focused.

How much have we turned over? How much profit have we made? How much do we owe the taxman? Recently, I launched into the global online community, and one of the key things I hear from my community of entrepreneurs is that they would like more money. And many entrepreneurs really struggle in this financial area; they never seem to have enough no matter how hard they work.

Our relationship with money is a direct reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

If we feel we don’t have enough, its often because we don’t feel enough. This is quite deep-seated and operates unconsciously. We might not be consciously aware of it, but we can see it in our behaviour. You might not acknowledge your true value. You possibly don’t charge enough, or you might give too much away. You might take on too much or put everyone else first and never have time for yourself.

It shows up in so many ways. I got off the phone with one of my dear clients only this morning. When we first started working together, she was always putting others first and never had any time for herself. After our session on money and self-value, she is already noticing the effects. Money is starting to flow into her business with a lot more ease.

When you start to change your relationship with yourself then your relationship with money starts to change:

Acknowledge your true value.

We often spend time beating ourselves up about everything we haven’t done. Start to acknowledge what you have done and what you have achieved and celebrate that. Acknowledge your strengths and your gifts. Tell yourself you are enough and notice how many ways you are more than enough. When you start looking for all the ways you are enough, you will find proof.

Charge your true value.

Many business people are afraid that if they charge too much, then they will never get clients, when in fact it works the other way around. When you charge a premium price, your clients know they are receiving more value. They will put more value on what you deliver and will refer other people to you. If you charge a premium price, then it is important that the value matches.

Stop giving your value away.

So many businesses give things away, and even if it really hits someone’s pain points, it still ends up in the bin. When you give too many things away, it lowers the way you value yourself, and because of that, it can lower the perceived value of your business and services you are offering. When you charge something, even if it’s just a nominal fee for that initial purchase, you are showing you value yourself, and this reflects positively on your business.

Stop putting others first.

Its lovely to contribute to others and be kind, that’s a good thing. When it becomes a problem, is when you put others first to the detriment of yourself. This lowers self-value and can actually burn you out because you are not keeping yourself full. When you start putting yourself first, you are giving yourself the message that you value yourself, and this influences how other people see you and your business.

This is not a conscious thing, this is an energetic thing, and as you work on your relationship with yourself, you will notice your relationship with money changes. This often needs to be worked on at a much deeper level. So start with these few simple steps and if you feel you need more help with this reach out and work with a coach.

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