What to Focus on With Six Weeks to Go


What to Focus on With Six Weeks to Go

You have six weeks left in 2017.

Do you:

a) Put your feet up, it’s been one hell of a year already, and you deserve a break.

b) Start stressing about how slow this time of year is.

c) Use the time to get your plans and strategies in place for 2018.

If you answered ‘a’ or ‘b’, then you either are kicking back or running around in circles. Either way, the rest of this article isn’t really for you! I’m a big believer in using November and December as my planning months so I can take my Christmas break knowing I’m 100% ready to start the new year at full speed.

There is quite a bit you can do between now and January that will set you up for success, so much in fact that I’m not going to fit it into just one article.

This week I’d like to focus on three things you can do right now to bring in a little extra revenue and build rapport before the end of the year:

Idea testing.

The end of the year is a great time to find a handful of ‘test’ businesses and trial a new service you’ve been considering introducing (and let’s be honest, most businesses have an idea for a product or service they’ve been thinking of adding to their business).

The idea for a ‘pre-launch’ test allows you to offer a reduced price on a product or service in exchange for feedback and testimonials. Gathering that data as a pre-launch gives you the space you need to work through the inevitable speed humps that arise with any new product or service and lets you try out your processes while getting timing and delivery all sorted.

You also pick up some new business to bridge the ‘lumpy Christmas cash flow’ and cement a new area of your business for the coming year.

Annual offer.

Along with testing new ideas, the last six weeks of 2017 is a great time to put annual offers together for existing clients. Have a look through your product and service offerings. Is there anything you can ‘bundle’ and offer to existing clients that will create some ongoing revenue for your business and add value to your clients along the way?

One of my clients builds a service package for their customers which they offer over December or January. It always generates a great response, brings in some extra cash and adds a tonne of value.

Contact your clients … All of them!

While you’re building offers, use the last few weeks to touch base with each of your clients. Reach out. People generally have a little more time, and willingness to talk, and they will appreciate getting your seasonal wishes. Make your call pointed, ask for feedback on how their dealings have been through the year, areas your business could improve and see if there is anything they would like you to be doing that you don’t currently offer.

Record the feedback; it will give you a wealth of information about what’s working well and what needs improvement. Then you can use all of the data you collect to start your strategic planning for the coming year.

In this article, I’ve covered off three efficient ways to generate some additional revenue and establish connections with your client base.

Did you see the word planning? In my next article, I’ll move on to some of the more practical ways you can plan your success for the coming year.

If you have any other tips on focussing attention for additional revenue at the end of the year, I’d love to hear them! Drop me a line in the comments with what you do to help set your business up for the coming year.

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  • Georgia

    Great ideas, Tracy. I’m looking forward to the next article on planning.

  • Drew Browne

    I like the idea of ‘recording the feedback’ we get from our clients after we speak with them. This really helps you stay close to them and ensures your understanding their needs. Without a process to ensure this gets done and recorded in some form, life becomes unnecessarily hard. Noice reminder Tracy thanks.

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