What Hot Public Speakers Are Doing Right Now to Build a Following Fast


What Hot Public Speakers Are Doing Right Now to Build a Following Fast

As a public speaker, you gather new tribe members with each speech you deliver. The more public speaking you do, the more people you meet and followers you have.

There are many great public speakers who do not bother with building a following, for various reasons. One reason could be, that the corporate is the one who engages them, and that’s who they focus on building a relationship with. In our changing world though, this is becoming old thinking.

I’ve noticed that what is working right now for the speakers who are super hot right now and building either a massive following or a following fast, is a few key principles.

I’ll give you a hint; it doesn’t involve impressing corporations or institutions. It involves helping people with their problem and freeing them of time, pain or a miserable job. Yes, like you and I.

Here is an insight into three things that hot public speakers are doing right now to gain their following:

1. They show up and add value.

When they speak live giving value to the audience is absolutely their number one priority. The experience for the audience is a pleasant one, enjoyable and entertaining – even if they are not the target market and hoping you will buy their thing at the end!

Massive preparation is put into how to best serve the audience, both before speaking and also in between speeches to make sure the feedback is gained and the improvements are made. It’s adapting between speeches that counts.

2. Share – often and openly.

Yes, they are on multiple social media platforms and appear constantly in your feed, email, podcasts and other methods. They share various aspects of their content, often telling the same messages over and over yet with a fresh twist and new effort each time.

3. Take you behind the scenes.

Come on, admit it! We are nosey. We are curious about people we think are fabulous. They let you into their daily life, and tie it to the thing they teach. Specifically the lifestyle they have as a direct response to the thing they teach.

They take you behind the scenes. You feel like a VIP. Audiences want real. And you and I both know, people are nosey, and we want to really get a feel for what the person is like, in different habitats and to learn more. Then, the more we see and like or become familiarised with it, the more we start to crave more of them.

In other words, real life is the new reality television! Yet without someone having to grant you permission. You can just start.

There is no such thing as entitlement as a public speaker.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says:

“The audience is the only variable that matters.”

The people will have their say.

By following these three things the hot public speakers are doing right now, you will jump yourself ahead of the pack … And into the hearts of your wonderful audience. The people who love you.

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