What Does It Mean to Be Unstoppable in 2019?


What Does It Mean to Be Unstoppable in 2019?

I was recently invited to speak to more than 300 women (and men) at the sixth annual Financial Executive Women (FEW) Leadership Conference. The theme of the conference was titled, Unstoppable.

This theme was chosen by FEW’s CEO and founder, Judith Beck, to inspire the financial services industry to go forward after a stressful year. Sponsored by Macquarie and PEXA, the event was designed to help women achieve their goals and be unstoppable in their career. Which led me to consider, what does it really mean to be unstoppable? 

I believe that being unstoppable is closely linked with being successful

I decided to share seven learnings I made about success in my life so far. Why? Because I believe that if we are to be unstoppable we need to understand what we are chasing so we can push through any self-limiting beliefs we may hold and reach our best potential.

The seven things I have learned about success which have helped me become unstoppable are:

1. It’s okay to be different

I’ve learned that being different can be a really good thing and that it is our differences that make us special. As I grow older, I’m attracted to people who are doing things differently. They challenge the norm and test their capabilities.

2. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I’ve learned time and time again that the magic happens when we are challenged to find new ways to get something done, and this always involves getting outside our comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone really challenges your thinking and can stretch your capabilities. I would never have launched two businesses, wrote a best-selling book, become an international speaker or launched a podcast without stepping out of my comfort zone.

3. Stay Relevant

The world is spinning so fast, consumer behaviour changing so rapidly and new technology being developed at an incredible speed. To stay relevant in this environment, we must remain connected with our customers and key stakeholders. One that has become very clear to me is that once you lose relevance, you’ll never get it back.

I believe ongoing learning is the key to success as it keeps us relevant. I invest considerably in ongoing research into mothers because it ensures I remain at the forefront of my industry and can assist my clients to identify key trends and changes in Mums’ behaviours.

4. Be customer driven

I have learned that it is so important to consider every touch point my business has with existing or prospective customers. A trip to Disneyland taught me that you can have a lot going right in your organisation, but if you miss a couple of critical touch points along the way, that the overall experience can be negatively impacted.

5. The Power of Partnerships

Working collaboratively and forming partnerships can be the best way to achieve a big goal. I work by the principle of mutuality, something I learned early in my career when I worked with Mars Petcare. It means that any action I take needs to have mutual benefit for another party. It has really shaped my thinking, and I am well-known amongst my peers for marketing partnerships.  In fact, I’m now frequently engaged by organisations wanting assist to identify and secure creative partnerships for mutual gain.

6. Dream Big

I have mentored more than 70 female business owners, and I encourage them to dream really big.  I believe that if you want something badly enough that you will find a way to make it happen. However, as we get older I find that dreaming big can get more difficult. We have mortgages to pay and increasing financial commitments. Our dreams can get diluted along the way. I believe we need to consider reclaiming that big dream and find a way to make it happen.

7. You can’t do it alone

I have learned that success won’t happen without strong supportive networks at both work and home. In my home, my teenagers need to cook once a week to contribute to the household. Periodically I take them to speaking engagements so they can see what I do in my business.

I want them involved so they can understand why I need their help and support. Similarly, I rely on my accountability group, a small group of women business owners to support me in my business. They contribute by allowing me to stress test new ideas and they provide me with a confidential space to solve key challenges.

At the end of the presentation, I challenged the audience to find one thing that really resonated with them and focus on that one thing over the next twelve months. When they arrive at next year’s leadership conference, I wanted them to reflect back on their progression.  During the break, many women came up to me to share their one thing with me.

What quickly became apparent is that women want to start thinking big again. What resonates for you? What will make you unstoppable over the next twelve months?

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