What Can You Learn From Game of Thrones to Help You in Business?


What Can You Learn From Game of Thrones to Help You in Business?

Last month I wrote about the things you can learn from The Avengers to help you in your business. This month: it’s the Game of Thrones edition. 

Let’s get right into ten things you can learn from Game of Thrones to help you in your business: 

1. Walls are a good idea.

What obstacles can you put up in your business that make it harder for your competitors to conquer you? What do you do better than them? Who do you have on your team that they just can’t match? What unique service can you offer? And don’t think that being the cheapest is the answer. As a wall, that’s about three centimetres high. 

2. Size doesn’t matter.

Tyrion is small in stature, but all who underestimate him come off second best. What can this mean for you? The business environment has never been more favourable to small businesses. Advances in technology – such as cloud services and online commerce – have allowed small businesses to get on the battlefield with the big boys, and often come away victorious. 

3. Allies are important.

How can you build your business into a powerful army? What team members do you need? What suppliers? Even making sure you are working with the right clients makes a huge difference to the success of your business. 

4. Magic is powerful.

What magic can you bring to your business to defeat your foes? Surprise your clients with unexpected bonuses. This can be as simple as a phone call out of the blue to check in. Or an extra service at no cost. Or bringing your project in ahead of schedule. Or remembering the names of their children. 

5. You can never rest.

Being at the top doesn’t mean you can get comfortable: it means everybody else is coming for you. If your business becomes the conqueror in its field, that’s awesome. But you’ll have to work just as hard to stay there. 

6. Know who to trust.

Many a character in Game of Thrones met their end when somebody turned on them. Make sure you have only the best people around you, and that everybody on your team is pulling in the same direction. 

7. Don’t get ambushed.

If a competitor you had a dispute with says that all is forgiven and invites you to a wedding…don’t go. 

8. The person with the wolf always wins, except against the person with the dragon.

So, be the person with the dragon. Make your products and services so good they just turn your competitors to dust. Good marketing, planning and management all contribute to success, but you won’t make it to the throne without great products and services. 

9. Always keep your cool.

Decisions made in haste or frustration lead to defeat on the battlefield. 

10. Always have a plan.

Rampaging wildly and indiscriminately across the land will not serve you well. If you want to reach your destination and then be the conquerer when you arrive, you must think ahead. Always have a plan for what you’re going to do each day, week and month. And also make sure you have long-term plans, such as a three- and five-year plan. And revisit these as needed. They should not be set in stone. When circumstances change – as they always do – you need to review your plans to make sure they are still relevant. 

Use these ten crowning points to learn from Game of Thrones and apply them to your business.

It’s time to start assembling your army and planning your ascension to the throne in your industry.

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