What Can Elton John Teach Us About Presenting?


What Can Elton John Teach Us About Presenting?

Have you seen the movie Rocketman? It’s about the life of Sir Elton John. This movie showed me what Elton John can teach us about presenting. 

The movie covers Elton John’s childhood through to his breakthrough years as a Superstar Musician. 

The movie is wonderful on so many levels, and I discovered it is filled with some Golden lessons for entrepreneur Public Speakers.

You might be wondering… what does a Rockstar’s life have in common with Public Speaking?

Turns out, a lot!

Here are three lessons Elton John can teach us about Public Speaking.

Lesson 1 – Ask a Mentor.

In the early days of his career, Elton John (played beautifully by Taron Egerton) was in a band called ‘Bluesology’. While supporting a soul band touring from the USA, Elton watches the frontman perform and yearns to have his stage presence and confidence.  He asks how he can be a Songman? 

He is told “write some songs” and importantly: “You gotta kill the person you were born to be, in order to become the person you want to be.”

This line of dialogue is impactful in the movie. It inspires the viewer to see this in their own life path. It makes the viewer realise this is not only a movie about Elton John, but about me, too!

Public Speakers and Entrepreneurs need to do this exact thing, to be successful in their craft. Ask someone who has done what you want to do. Someone who has achieved success.

One of my Public Speaking Mentors is Darren LaCroix, the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking. He taught me so much, especially when I was starting out. Darren exposed me to the idea of becoming a professional speaker and getting paid to speak. He also opened my eyes to the Public Speaker world, getting paid for speaking about what you are passionate about.

In Rocketman, Elton takes the audience on a journey. He listens and learns from failure and getting feedback from someone who has done it.

  • Public Speaking Lesson 1 = ask a Mentor; it will shave years off your learning.

Lesson 2 – Dealt with his stuff.

In Rocketman, the Movie, one of the main storylines is Elton John in rehabilitation for his addictions. While we may not have experienced Elton’s Rock n’ Roll lifestyle, but we entrepreneur Public Speakers can relate to his journey of self.

We all have ‘stuff’ from the past that we eventually need to address. Our imprint years (from age 0 – 7) when we entered the world, we gathered a range of beliefs, views and thoughts. We all have gathered stories that we tell ourself. Stories that we can choose to change at any time. 

When we embark on this entrepreneur journey, we sooner or later find out that to move ahead, to progress toward the direction of our dreams and goals, we need to deal with stuff that is holding us back.

We cannot achieve and fulfil our best version of ourself until we do.

  • Public Speaking Lesson 2 = Deal with your baggage (from the past).

Lesson 3 – Elevated his audience.

One of the exciting scenes is when Elton John’s career takes off.  He is making his debut at the Troubadour, a cool LA club where the rising stars and the hottest acts played.

In the scene, he plays the song Crocodile Rock and the magical effect it had on the audience is shown by Elton flying above his piano.  The audience also levitates with his magical music. It shows how uplifted people were feeling.

Also memorable is the 1975 sold out shows at Dodger Stadium when Elton wears a sequined Dodgers uniform and hits a baseball out of the stadium (while standing on his piano).

Elton finds out what his audience love and then gave it to them. Through music and the songs, and the razzle dazzle showmanship he gave.

As a Public Speaker, your audience wants to feel elevated. Whether you do this by solving their problem, entertaining them or inspiring them, it can be of the above. 

Be present with your audience.

  • Public Speaking Lesson 3 = Elevate your audience in your own way.

Can Elton John Teach Us About Presenting? Absolutely.

Have I mentioned how much I love this movie Rocketman?

It reminds me so much of the entrepreneur Public Speaker and our very special and unique journey.

Thank you, Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin for not only the music and the memories, but for sharing all of you with us. We Love You! A Speaking journey is a You journey.

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