Want to Know the Secret to Sell More With Your Public Speaking?


Want to Know the Secret to Sell More With Your Public Speaking?

Have you ever seen a public speaker take the stage and have people practically throwing money at them by the end?

I have. And I was one of the people throwing the money. When a public speaker you have never met before is able to build rapport with you, it’s pretty amazing. Because they have been able to win you over and show you that something is possible; something you hadn’t considered possible before.

I remember the first time this happened. It was years ago when I was still in my secure day job. I went to my first ever seminar. It was about property and mindset. That was my first taste; I realised I absolutely loved personal development and could not get enough. I was hooked! And I wanted to understand what it was that made a public speaker connect with their audience in such a way. I was determined to find out, which I did.

Since that first time, I have loved learning from the public speaking greats. In 2017, I saw a speaker who taught me a new way of connecting with the audience. Yes, I have listened to public speakers around the world talk about their stories of struggle and pain, which was truly inspiring. But this public speaker had something else; something truly special. She was able to connect with her audience with something entirely different.

Her top secret was proximity.

Proximity is simply being close. So rather than coming from a place of ‘listen to me, I’m the expert’ or ‘this is my story, it’s amazing’ the speaker made us feel like she was our friend. It was brilliant and as simple as that.

She made me feel like I knew her. Her personality. Her realness. Her pain. It connected with me and where I was at. Yet we were in totally different places. I truly felt understood and connected.

How did this public speaker make me feel this way?

She shared the struggle she had faced before she figured out what she knows now. This public speaker was able to pitch the pain but at a point that it was relatable. What I mean is, there are many public speakers who have amazing stories of adversity, who have suffered unthinkable trauma yet it can be unrelatable if your experience is totally different.

What she did was to make it relatable; it was simple, clear and painful. Every entrepreneur in the audience could relate. Then, this public speaker was able to reveal the ‘real’; making a clear path as to how she manoeuvred out of that which made us feel closer because we felt safe.

The idea of having proximity with your audience is an amazing quality for a public speaker to have. By making your audience feel so close to you in public speaking, there is no barrier, no objections; you build trust quickly.

The way to do this is to share your story openly.

In addition, share ‘you’ openly; your personality, your quirks. Make it relatable and then clear the path to show the way. Allow your audience to see the vision for themselves, in their life. They will feel their pain ease and hope will emerge; like a parting of clouds and emergence of sunshine.

Be the same on and off the stage. Really be ‘you’. Laugh at yourself, make mistakes and have a natural aspect to you.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    Anna, I ADORE this. I aim to keep it real and create genuine rapport with my audience, but there’s always room for improvement. Thanks for writing this.

  • Anna Perdriau

    Thanks so much Renee. From what I have seen, your energy is very genuine and authentic and You. Keep it up!!

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