Want to Know Why the ‘Known’ Podcasters Are Becoming Known?


Want to Know Why the ‘Known’ Podcasters Are Becoming Known?

Listening to podcasts since the days of RSS feeds, sparked a passion for the platform that led me to pick up my own microphone around six years ago.

My first attempt at podcasting was (looking back) pretty darn average, but my second swing at it was far more successful. So much so, I built an entire community from scratch in around six months, had listeners from all around the globe (I had to Google where Azerbaijan when I discovered I had an audience there, true story) and people calling me asking me how I’d created the show.

In the last four years working with business owners who want to build their profile, leverage a community or just become better known within their industry through podcasting I’ve discovered there are a couple of things that make a podcast stand out from the thousands of others hitting the airwaves each week.

Acting as a judge for the Australian Podcast Awards since its inception, I’ve also figured out that the people who are becoming ‘known’ as podcasters inevitably all do these few extra things:

They start with a solid strategy. 

Without exception, every single successful business owner turned podcaster has a solid strategy around ‘why’ they want to add a podcast to the mix and ‘what’ they want to achieve out of putting the time and the energy forward to create it.

They are super clear on where it fits into their overall business ecosystem, the audience they want to engage and the types of topics they plan on covering. They also have a plan on how they will leverage these people into consuming additional content and filter them through a funnel towards becoming a client.

They map their seasons.

Just like a TV show, a ‘good’ podcast will have a natural story progression. Knowing the topics you want to cover and putting them in some logical order will allow you to create podcast ‘seasons’. This is extremely handy for a few reasons:

  1. You can batch your content creation and record a ‘few’ episodes at the same time, allowing you to get some episodes ‘in the can’ in case something pops up and distracts you.
  2. It gives you an out. A podcast with no structure can become tortuous to create (trust me, I’ve been there, it’s not pretty). Scrambling for ideas at the last minute, delaying recording because you don’t have any clear direction and eventually just not getting back in front of the mic at all.

Creating seasons from the outset provides a natural end to the topic and the show if you decide podcasting isn’t for you. 

They get their podcast edited and produced.

Remember a podcast is an extension of your brand. I’m always amazed by the number of people who spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars up front to create a podcast that’s full of umm’s, err’s and superfluous conversation. With all the time and effort it takes to create a podcast, investing a little money in finding a good editor who will produce and polish your episodes is possibly the single best investment you’ll make in your podcast.

The create supplemental content to support the podcast.

Support materials are the kicker to building your profile and leveraging off your base. Use your podcast to create other pieces of content. Then use that content as ‘free gifts’ within your community.

Things I’ve seen work really well for successful business podcasters include:

  • Adding the transcription of the episode to your website.
  • Turning the podcast into a blog.
  • Creating a checklist or template from the information contained in the show.
  • Crafting social media content from the episode, infographics, quotes, etc.
  • Building a landing page to funnel listeners straight into your customer relationship management (CRM).

My point is this. After having built my own successful podcast community using the above points I’ve also helped and watched dozens of other business owners around the country do the same thing. They may seem small points, but it’s the extra thought and energy that will separate your show from the thousands of others that iTunes loaded this week.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. If you want to grow your business in this age of one on one connections, then having a stand out show is a great thing to have as part of your marketing and promotion jigsaw.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    Hi Tracy. I’m a full year into my podcast journey and batching recording is the BIGGEST lifesaver ever. I know I always have a buffer of episodes in the can and don’t scramble last minute. It very much helps with consistency, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for this great article. There are other ideas in here I hadn’t thought of and I’ll pass them onto my team! Cheers – Renée

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