The ‘Unavoidable’ Technology Trends Affecting Human Resources


The ‘Unavoidable’ Technology Trends Affecting Human Resources

Are you and your hiring team always struggling to keep up with the latest Human Resources (HR) technology trends?

It’s crucial to keep abreast of the new ways to streamline HR processes. Otherwise, you may be lagging behind, using old methods that cost you precious time, resources, and even top talent. Bad hires aren’t worth sticking to the comfort of your file drawer. Read on to prepare your company for the hiring of the future.

1. Collaborative hiring.

As trends veer towards robot-infested futures, self-driving cars, and virtual realities, people are realising that there is nothing more important than keeping the ‘human’ in human resources. Buzz has been surrounding building a business by and for the people and keeping it that way for the long haul. For instance, the Uber controversy has sparked conversation about horizontal communication in the workplace. If the right people would’ve been hired in the first place, could Uber have avoided the HR nightmare?

Sometimes, established companies think it’s too late to change their team’s ways. That’s simply not the case. It will take more effort, undoubtedly, but there is hope to turn things around. It’s as easy as starting to value the opinions of those on your team and hiring new members that mesh. Culture fit isn’t about filling the office with carbon copies of the other employees. It’s about hiring an objectively intelligent, hard-working person that also happens to exhibit signs that they will thrive in the environment you have fostered.

How do you spot the right team members? With input from the team, of course! Here are some examples:

  • Employee referral programs.
  • Employee testimonials and other shareable content.
  • Interactive rating and ranking of candidates with an applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Communication tools for the whole team, remote employees or not, like Slack.

As HR tech advances, so does the opportunity to incorporate real-time collaboration between team members.

2. Artificial intelligence (AI).

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimised by a chatbot. Anyone? You’re not alone. HR has started to implement AI features into their daily workload because it simply saves time. There are automated chatbots that integrate with Slack and can ask and answer employee questions with no downtime needed. This isn’t to say that this doesn’t scare HR pros off. What about keeping that ‘human’ aspect?

If the AI features are too human-like and intrusive, they may fall into the Uncanny Valley (i.e. something creepy and off-putting). However, small steps are being made to integrate AI into HR. The following points outlined by Rachel Wolfson of VentureBeat sum up some of the ways AI can benefit HR teams:

  • Employees can connect with HR via mobile devices.
  • HR can respond instantaneously, leading to faster employee decisions.
  • Chatbots can collect employee data to create more efficient processes.

Also, important to note is that AI doesn’t replace HR, but it can offer answers to simple questions. It’s arguably more objective, as well.

3. Social media.

Compared to AI, social media isn’t exactly breaking news. However, the integration with HR systems is something to be considered. The new global workforce calls for a tweak in sourcing techniques, and that happens to include social media platforms. Your target audience may vary, but it is more likely that potential candidates are lurking on social media more often than job sites.

ATS are integrating social media promotion into their platforms, Facebook has rolled out its new job posting feature, and social media scheduling is easier than ever. Tools like Buffer allow employers to build their brand and share team photos, job postings, and other shareable content easily. This enhances visibility across platforms, where most of your future hires are hiding!

4. Automation.

Another time- and money-saving trend, the automation of HR processes, are becoming widely used. Here are just a few examples of pieces of the recruitment puzzle that you can look into automating (without losing the personalisation and boosting candidate engagement!):

  • Email templates.
  • Job description templates.
  • Posting to multiple job boards from one platform.

While it’s impossible to exactly predict HR tech advancements, it’s safe to assume that things will become more automated. If this leads into the uncharted territory of ‘robots’ taking over HR processes and humans taking the backburner, it is our own doing. And, for that reason, I don’t think the ‘human’ will be taken out of ‘human resources’ anytime soon. HR tech professionals are simply finding every way possible to assist in the fast-paced environment that is HR!

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