Ultimate Social Media Checklist for Planning Your New Business – Part 2


Ultimate Social Media Checklist for Planning Your New Business – Part 2

In a previous article, I covered the research you should do before you even register a business name and I discussed how to check if your business’ handle or username was available across the top social media platforms.

In this article, I help you through the process of registering all your business’ social media profiles. “But Tracy you said I don’t need to have my business on all the social media profiles” I hear you say… well that’s absolutely right and in my article titled “Demystifying which social media platform your business should be using, I walk you through deciding on which social media platforms your business needs to spend time and effort on; what I am recommending is that you secure your business’ username on all the top social media platforms, so that when you are ready to incorporate that platform into your social media marketing strategy you won’t miss out on your custom username because someone else grabbed it.


If you haven’t read the first part of this article “Ultimate social media checklist for planning your new business – Part 1”, I highly recommend you go back and review those steps before continuing here.


You’ll need a consistent look and feel across all social media platforms; this will include a ‘profile’ image, which is basically a version of your logo if you’re a business or your headshot if you’re a professional: I call this an ‘icon’. Make this image square and memorable with little or no text: think Nike or Woolworths.  The idea is to stand out in a crowded news feed.

Once you have your business name, domain name and an icon, go off and create your social media profiles and claim your usernames.


Facebook Page:

Sign into your existing personal Facebook profile then go to

Make sure you claim your custom URL (aka @Username) using the name you researched in Name.chk in Part 1 of this article.


Follow the prompts at including your custom username.


You should have already signed up for Gmail, which means you have a Google Account. Login to your Gmail account, go to this will walk you through completing your personal G+ profile then click on to set up your business’ brand page. Make sure you type in your PAGE NAME exactly as you want the username because Google will offer you a custom URL that matches the page name you provide. (You can always change the page name afterwards).

Google Map Listing:

If you’re a local business, make sure to select “Local Business” and insert your address when setting up your business page on G+. This will ensure your brand page and your map listing are linked.


Now you have Gmail and Google+ setup, go and claim your YouTube channel at , click on “Brand Account” and you’ll be asked if you want to create a channel with this account. There are some additional hoops to jump through to claim your custom URL for YouTube (More information: although by verifying your website and your Google brand page you might get the option to customise the URL early.


To set up a Linkedin Company/Business Page, you’ll need to sign up for your own professional profile first using a personalised domain email address that matches your business’ website e.g., Then go to  and follow the prompts. The URL for your business page can’t be customised but will be the name of your business.


You can sign up for Instagram on a desktop, but you’ll need to use the mobile app to post and manage the platform. Go to and follow the prompts.  Set your username when you signup. Once you sign in on the app on your mobile, you’ll be able to ‘Switch to Business Profile’ and link your Facebook Page under account settings.


Go to click on “Join as a business” and follow the prompts.


To signup for Snapchat, you’ll need to download the mobile app and signup through that.

More Platforms:

Other platforms you might like to claim your business username on:

Once you’ve claimed your profiles on the top platforms, you can start promoting your profiles and start implementing your social media strategy.

Did you have any problems completely these steps? Feel free to leave your questions in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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