The Ultimate Social Media Checklist for Planning Your New Business – Part 1


The Ultimate Social Media Checklist for Planning Your New Business – Part 1

When I first started in business I was so excited and nervous. So excited in fact, that I registered a business domain name three times before I got the spelling right.  I didn’t spend any time researching if the business domain name was available or if I could claim the business name as social media handles. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so I created this checklist to help other new business owners research and plan what their online presence will look like, before they even decide on a business name.

Make it easy for your tribe to find you online by being e-consistent everywhere. With my first business, I didn’t have consistent usernames (sometimes called handles) across all my social media platforms, so it was hard for my followers to find me. I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

Do the following research before you even register your business name:

1. Can you get your business name as a username across social media?

Search your shortlist of business names, or a shortened version or acronym suitable as a handle in NameChk to discover if you can claim the username across the top social media profiles. This username doesn’t have to be your exact business name, but being consistent across the social media platforms you want to setup, will make it easy for your tribe to follow you online.

Hint:  Searching won’t guarantee you will get the username you want for all platforms, but if they are available you will need to move quickly before someone else grabs them.

2. Can you get your business name as a and as a .com?

If your target audience is located in Australia, then owning the domain is critical. Most non-techy visitors will feel secure that your business is Australian with the .au as opposed to just the .com, which could make them think you are based in the USA. Search AuDA to make sure the version of the business name you have in mind is available.

Hint: It’s a great idea to purchase the .com version of your domain name as well, so you might like to also search to see if that is available.

3. Is the business name available to register?

With the research you’ve done you’ll have a business name you’re happy with, but you’ll need to check that it is available to register on ASIC.

4. Is the business name trademarked?

You don’t need to trademark your business name, but you’ll want to make sure that no one else has a trademark registered over the name. Search the Australian Trade Mark Online Search System (ATMOSS).

Hint: If you’re setting up to be a global business, then searching other country’s trade mark registers are a good idea.  If you’re interested in trademarking your business name, I highly recommend you contact a trademark lawyer after you’ve done your research, but before you register anything.

5. Register your business name with ASIC

Now you should be pretty happy with the business name you’ve selected, go ahead and register the business name with ASIC.

6. Register your business domain name as a and as a .com

At this stage you’ll be ready to register your business name with the and .com. You can do that at any Australian domain reseller (or at Social Domains and Webhosting)

Hint: To register a you will need a registered business name and/or an ABN.

7. Sign up for Webhosting

If you’ve decided to go the self-hosted route with your website development then you’ll need to sign up for website and email hosting, or contact your web developer and get them to do it for you.

8. Setup your business domain email addresses

If you want to be taken seriously as a business owner, you need to have an email that contains your business domain name.

Hint: Create one with your first name@, as well as the usual suspects like admin@.

The first phase is done… that’s a long list of things to do, but the process will be well worth it when you can consistently brand your business across all your online and social media assets.

You can go off now and create all your social media profiles, or you can read my next article and I’ll walk through the steps you need to take, to claim all those custom social media usernames.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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