How to Turn Your Years of Experience Into Simple Diagrams


How to Turn Your Years of Experience Into Simple Diagrams

When people ask you, so “What do you do?” do you have a hard time explaining it?

Someone who is confused doesn’t buy. So, if you’re confusing your potential clients, then you’re losing a lot of business. Most coaches and thought leaders I work with have years of experience. Some of this is in Corporate before transitioning into coaching or consulting.

So, how do you make what you do so simple that you could explain it to anyone? How do you make it crystal clear? In this article, I’m going to share with you my 5 step process for extracting that mess in your head and turning it into a simple visual model that you can explain to anyone.

My 5 step system Educate model:

Step 1: Ask yourself quality questions.

Let’s use the example of creating your signature system that you take your clients through. Your Educate model. To create your Educate model, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where do your clients start? We’ll call this starting point A.
  2. Where do they want to end up? We’ll call this desired outcome point B.
  3. What are all the things that need to happen, all the things they need to do to get from A to B?

Step 2: Brainstorm on Post-it notes.

Post-it notes are the best tool for untangling the mess in your head and putting it into digestible bits. Do not attempt to do this on a computer. Go buy yourself some quality Post-it notes and invest in this process.

Now, write down each single little step, task, activity etc. that you take your clients through. Write them individually on Post-it notes. Get it all out of your head and stick them up on the wall.

Pro tip – wipe down your surface before you start so that your Post-it notes have the best chance at sticking.

Step 3: Chunk your Post-it notes.

Once it’s all out of your head, now is the time to start organising it. Start organising your Post-it notes in groups. You might think of these as ‘Steps’ or ‘Stages’. If you’re going more for the principles (think Steven Covey’s, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), you might call them ‘Principles’ or ‘Pillars’ or similar.

Generally, I recommend between 3 to 7 steps/stages/principles, as any more than that is overwhelming. Have a go at chunking the Post-it notes at least three ways. Take a photo of them at each point. Then decide which version of the chunking you love the most.

Step 4: Draft your infographic.

This is where you sketch up what it might look like as a picture and give each chunk a sexy name. There are many different shapes you could go for. Google is your friend here. Say you have chunked your model to 5 steps, then simply google “infographic 5 steps”. Then click on “images”.

Play with the shape of the image until you find the right one. Once you’ve finished drafting it, then it’s time to polish!

Step 5: Polishing your model.

Now it’s time to make it look super sexy! Heck yeah! If design is one of your skills, you can do this yourself. However, if it’s not, I highly recommend outsourcing it to a designer. Send off your sketch with your brand guidelines to a designer to make it super sexy for you. If you’ve found a shape you like in your google search, send a link to that image too.

And at the end of this process, you’ll have a visual model that explains clearly and succinctly what it is that you do. No more bumbling over your words and confusing potential clients. With this model in hand, you will find that your conversion in sales conversations goes up.

Do you have a visual model that explains what you do? Do you use it in sales conversations? I’d love to know!

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