Turbo Boost Your Product Creation With Visual IP Assets


Turbo Boost Your Product Creation With Visual IP Assets

Creating your suite of products as a coach or thought leader can feel like an overwhelming task.

You want to create books, courses, workshops, intensives, retreats … Oh my! Where do you even start creating these products? You have so much brilliant information, skills, strategies, tips, etc. in your brain; how do you make sure it doesn’t come out in a big tangled mess?

In this article, I’m going to share with you my top tips for how you can create a coherent product ecosystem of intellectual property (IP) based products for your business efficiently.

Start by distilling what you know down into a core methodology.

If you’re just writing pages upon pages of notes for your potential book or course, trying to explain all of your experience, wisdom and know-how, you’re going to end up confusing yourself and your clients.

The real magic of creating a suite of products is getting laser clear on your intellectual property. It isn’t about filling a book with words. Indeed, it is usually the simplest of methodologies that will connect with people and make an impression.

Take time to distil your complex web of brilliance into a really clear and concise framework. I highly recommended making them visual. I say this over and over again, but pictures really are so powerful.

Martin Eppler, in an article in Information Visualisation (2006), says that the advantages of using visual models are that they are:

  • Moderately easy to create.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Have a high chance of being remembered.

This is exactly what you want to form the foundation of your suite of products. A simple core methodology that’s easy to understand, create and that is memorable to both you and your clients.

Create products more efficiently.

When you’ve got visual models to go with your IP, creating your products becomes so much easier. For example:

  • I had a client who created his ‘presenters journey’ and then created his online course in a matter of weeks based around that key methodology.
  • A client from my two-day intensive no longer has to put effort into preparing her workshops, speaking gigs, etc., because she uses her visual models as the basis for everything.
  • I wrote my book on the 7 Stages of Productisation in just three days because I already had my core methodology extracted from my head and distilled into simple, easy to understand visual models.

Ultimately, getting laser clear on your IP will save you time. Instead of racking your brain about what you ‘could’ talk about or write about, you pull out your visual models and talk or write to those.

Visual models make you ready for anything.

Having your IP assets in visual form will mean you’re prepared for anything. For example:

  • Someone asks if you can do a speaking gig tomorrow. How might you react? You might sit down at your computer until 1.00 am writing a script. Then you struggle to sleep because you’re worried it might not make sense. Instead of all that stress, if you have visual models of your IP assets, all you have to do is pull out the visual model that will best fit the audience. You might give some thought to how it will be best framed to suit that audience, but you don’t even need to make slides. You simply grab the flipchart or whiteboard and draw your visual model as you go.

Whenever I get invited to a speaking gig, the biggest decision I have to make about my content is really how it applies to that audience. That’s it. The way I’ve created and structured my IP makes it incredibly easy for me to deliver; whether it’s a speaking topic, a book, a course or a workshop … You name it.

So, if you’re struggling with creating information-based products like workshops, books, courses, etc., I highly, highly recommend focusing first on your core IP and getting laser clear on that. Because that will easily form the foundation for everything else that you build.

I’d love to know, have you created a suite of products without getting laser clear on your IP? What was that process like? Are you in the middle of trying to retrofit clear visual models into your existing content? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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