It’s True; a Book Really Is a Business Card on Steroids


It’s True; a Book Really Is a Business Card on Steroids

On 13th August I published my first book, Marketing to Mums: How to sell more to Australia’s most powerful consumer. I had been told that your own business book acts as a ‘business card on steroids’, but nothing could have prepared me for how immediate the impact of writing a book would have on my business.  In the last few days, doors have flown open, and opportunities have presented themselves at every turn.

Here are five reasons why you might want to seriously consider publishing a book:

1. Easy introductions to key people

I love to meet people doing inspiring work. Letting people know I was writing a book opened doors to connect with leaders in my industry and seek their opinions and tips to feature in my book. Once drafted the book allowed me to seek high-profile sponsors to partner with, and since launching Marketing to Mums I have been able to set up meetings with some key people with ease. Why? Because they had heard about my book.

2. Strategic repositioning

I am the founder of an e-commerce website selling to mums. In the five years, I have run this business I have built a community of 150,000 mums. My new business is a marketing and research consultancy helping businesses who want to sell more to mums. I wrote the book drawing on my experience in my first business so that I could reposition myself within my industry and launch my second business. Since launching, I have been contacted by many business owners seeking my opinion to guide them to grow their own businesses.  This repositioning allows me to use my expertise and insight and I am working in my zone of genius which feels fantastic.

3. Attracting new clients

In the past two weeks, I have attracted more than a dozen new clients.  I am coaching micro and small owners about the subtle nuances of selling to mums and assisting them to create and implement new marketing initiatives in their business. These clients introduced themselves to me at my book launch, requesting strategy sessions immediately after my presentation.

4. Raised my profile

The past two weeks my newsfeed has been filled with wonderful people sharing my book and their excitement about reading it.  The result? More book sales and more potential ideal clients who I might not otherwise have met.

I am also the first guest to have ever been invited for a second time onto my favourite business podcast #BusinessAddicts.

5. Attracted speaking opportunities

I launched my book at a national conference for women in business.  I have since been offered speaking opportunities that I doubt would have come my way without being an author. I have been booked to speak in New Zealand in December and am in discussion with conference organisers both here in Australia and the United States about speaking at their conferences.

Writing a book is not easy.  It takes time, money and effort, and requires a good team behind you.  But the benefits of publishing a book far outweigh the investment.

Each time I meet new audiences I sell books, secure new clients and raise my profile as the expert in marketing to mums in Australia. A bit of a dream come true. Having a book is certainly serving me well, and more importantly, it is giving me the opportunity to help more people than I could have imagined in my area of expertise.

I encourage you to give some through to sharing your expertise and insights in print. It might work as well for you as it has for me, or you can serve way more people than you are currently serving by having your core area of influence in a book, or I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

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