Transition Is The Mission

It is not the endgame that is important but rather creating and owning the space for change and transition

Earlier this year my wife and I returned from three months of travel overseas. Besides reconnecting with people and having new memorable experiences this trip was also a time for reflection.

We are both at a transition point in our lives where we are changing direction professionally and privately. So our journey was part of a larger process for both of us.

One of the things I learned is that it is not the endgame that is important but rather creating and owning the space for change and transition. I realised that my mission was not the unknown result but rather the transition process itself.

Transition Tips.

There are five things I would like to share that have become meaningful for me, as I have been going through this transition.

1. Being Present

I have written about presence before, and this current process has once again reminded me that true personal power lies in grounding myself in the present moment.

I have learned that if I am unsure what will come next it becomes important to acknowledge where I am at now and draw personal power from that space. Being present also helps to clarify my thinking.

2. Intention.

Throughout the transition process, it is important for me to remain grounded in my intention for change. I have found it valuable to keep in mind my reasons for seeking transition in order to help me stay on track.

3. Let It Unfold.

I have also been reminded that it is useful to not force my decisions. I have learned that when I force things too much, I sometimes lose sight of what is important and at times I will even miss opportunities.

This is not about relinquishing intentions or decisions but rather being open to the new and unexpected and finding out where these lead me.

4. Make A Decision.

Even though I am letting things unfold, it is also important to remember that decisions also need to be made.

This is about creating a timeline for making decisions to help focus my thinking; otherwise, the flow of my unfolding can easily turn into me floating along. I can, of course, change my timeline but remembering to do it with intention helps keep the change from floating away on me.

5. Check it out. 

While going through my transition process, I have also found it very useful to check out my thoughts against my intentions and reasoning. Reviewing my thoughts and decisions with others is also really helpful. Fresh perspectives lead to fresh thoughts that help me make important decisions.

Put The Process Together.

By changing my thinking from focusing on the endpoint to focusing on the steps of the transition itself I have been able to open up my thinking. 

Putting together the elements of being present, having an intention, letting things unfold, being mindful of the need to make decisions and checking out my thoughts I have been able to remain grounded and active in my transition process. 

By transforming my transition process into a mission, I have given myself a useful and dynamic structure for allowing change to come into my life.

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