How to Train Facebook to Find Your Perfect Buyer


How to Train Facebook to Find Your Perfect Buyer

Facebook knows everything. Everything about you. Everything about me. Everything. To most people that can seem very big brotherish, but to a clever business person it represents a massive opportunity to reach really specific people.

I want you to imagine you are delivering leaflets around the neighbourhood and the letter box would only open if the people of the house had the potential to be your client. But for that magic to occur, the letterbox would have to be programmed to know what to accept. This is the super power that is Facebook. You just have to train it.

Seeding Facebook With Your Customers

Firstly, if you are established and have a bunch of clients email addresses, you can upload them into Facebook. If your customer gave you the same email they also use to log into Facebook, then you’ll have an audience of clients to start training with. But you need over 100 to 150 people for Facebook to truly understand.

If you don’t have enough client email addresses, the aim is to get more clients through another type of Facebook training and then you’ll have your client audience to work with. More on this next article.

Once you have enough people collected in the system, Facebook can look at each individual in the list and remember the 100,000 things that make each one unique.

Training Facebook to Know Your Customer

What most people don’t know is that Facebook can use this understanding of your client’s profile to work out all the things that are similar about them too, and match those qualities to its whole database for your country (the seed). Once it has a seed audience to work from, the algorithm can filter out all the other people that don’t match until it finds the ones who are within 1% similarity of your seed.

Let me rephrase that. Facebook finds people who’ve never heard of you that are the same as your customers.

Talking To Your New Potential Customers

Now that Facebook knows exactly who you are looking to target, its time to deliver the right message to them. Delivering your message is simple, it’s a normal Facebook post. But no one will see it unless you pay. That’s an ad. This will cost roughly $1 for every 250 people you reach.

In Australia, for example, there are about 15-17 million active users, which means there are about 150,000 people in the country who are the same as your customers. So for roughly $600 you can reach a hell of a lot of your perfect prospects. Or maybe you just want to spend $60 reaching 15,000 perfect people in your city. It’s all completely up to you. How much would printing and delivering that many flyers cost? Sounds like pretty great value don’t you think?

Tips for talking to your perfect prospects:

  1. Be Social. It’s social media after all. People are there in a leisurely state of mind. If you do an ad that’s effectively ‘buy my widget’ you may not get a cost effect rate of response. More likely you’ll have a lot of negative remarks and that can hurt your chances of getting out there.
  2. Solve a Problem. People will seek to find the answers that will help them.
  3. Tell a story. It’s our primal mode of communication. Telling a story always cuts through on social media well.
  4. Install the Facebook Pixel on your website. This is probably the most vital point. The pixel is like a cookie. It knows who’s there but it also reports that back to Facebook. When inserted into your website, it helps Facebook lean toward the sort of people from your audience that are actually responding to the message. The training of Facebook is an endless feedback loop that means the longer it runs for, the more understanding Facebook has of your target market.

Understanding how to install the plugin and use the pixel is a little tricky so I built a free plugin for WordPress and pixel code generator for non WordPress that does it all for you.

Facebook is in the golden age right now where the cost to promote yourself is really cheap. Remember when Google ads cost 10c a click? As more and more people start to catch onto it, the prices will rise because it’s an auction based system. So I recommend getting in now and doing all the training work while it’s cheap and easy so Facebook can know your perfect buyer forever.

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    Great article, full of useful information – and a free plugin that simplifies the process! Thanks for sharing. 😉

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