Are You ‘Top of Mind’ With Your Clients?


Are You ‘Top of Mind’ With Your Clients?

Let’s face it. It’s getting harder and harder to get our clients attention, and make no mistake, attention, is the new currency.

How do we as Small Business owners get smarter about marketing to our clients? Well, there is no magic pill I’m afraid. Instead here are 5 tips to help your business stay ‘top of mind’ with your clients:

1. Be very, very clear on who it is you want to attract.

If you were to take a good hard look at your marketing over the last 12 months, could you honestly say you have marketed to one very specific client type? Or, have you, like the majority of businesses out there, been trying to hedge your bets by playing in a few different sand pits? I get it, your product or service can help a lot of different people. But the undeniable truth in marketing is this:

“If you’re trying to talk to everybody, nobody will hear you.”

If you do nothing else for the next 90 days, work out who your ideal client is. Do that, and you put yourself way ahead of the marketing pack.

2. Talk to your clients where they are.

Once you really know who that ideal client is then you need to spend your time where they hang out. Much the same as dating, if you wanted to attract someone into your life that was health conscious and enjoyed working out, chances are you wouldn’t find them hanging out in a nightclub at 2 am on a Wednesday morning.

If your ideal client has children that play football on a Saturday find out if you can sponsor the shirts for the local club. The point is you need to meet your clients where they are and engage with them there.

3. Provide helpful advice without asking for anything in return.

If you accept the premise that attention is the new currency, there is no better way to get your clients attention than providing useful information to them without asking for anything in return.

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent, think for a moment about what other needs your clients may have. Moving would be a good example, so could you contact some local removalists and ask them what their three biggest tips are to create a successful move. Now you have some valuable information that you can offer your clients to help them through one of the most stressful times of their lives. So, at every open home, you could offer the people coming through a flyer with the top three tips for making your move less stressful.

You’re not asking anything in return: you’re simply meeting your clients where they are with some timely and useful information.

4. Look to create joint ventures.

Joint ventures are a smart way to market your business while adding a ton of value to your clients and your fellow business owners. Following on from tip number 3, take the helpful advice one step further. Who are your clients in contact with before and after you? Join forces with those companies to create a better experience for your clients.

If we stay with the real estate agent example, we’ve already identified that our clients will need to move, but they will also require a lawyer to handle conveyancing, perhaps a cleaner to give the old and new place a once over during the move, a gardener to tidy up the outside of their property before an open home and a handyman to fix those odd jobs before an inspection. The point is there are a lot of other businesses who have the same client base as you who are not competition.

Approach a few of these local businesses and join forces. Turning the flyer on three tips to create a stress-free move into a local brochure with tips, tricks and contact details on making the sale, or purchase of your new home in your local area as stress-free as possible.

5. Add value where you can.

Customer service has become so rare it’s not hard to wow your clients. Taking the time to learn a few extra details during your conversations can really make a lasting impact on people.

For example, I had a client the other week who was not her usual self. It was school holidays, she had to work, and her babysitter had come down with a cold so was unable to look after her kids. She was stressed trying to juggle part days while feeling guilty about shuffling the kids round to various friends. It so happened I knew a great babysitter who was available. I gave her a call put her on the phone with my client and after some vetting to ensure she was happy my client had resolved her childminding issues.

Did that add anything to my business? No, but I can tell you my client was overwhelmed with how much value I had just added to her life.

So, you see, smart marketing in the new millennium really boils down to figuring out who you really want to work with, meeting them where they are, offering them loads of helpful advice wherever you can and always be looking for ways to add value.

When you look at it like that, it doesn’t seem that hard … Does it?

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    It’s something I’m striving to do more of lately, Tracy. One of the things I’m focusing more and more on is making time to nurture relationships without expectation. I’m loving it because I’m meeting more people and making more connections. Plus, talking to potential ideal clients before they’re quite at the stage to work with me is invaluable information. Plus, I really get to understand what’s going on for them before they’re ready for my magic.

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