Tips to Help Your Voice Survive the Winter Blues


Tips to Help Your Voice Survive the Winter Blues

Here is a very practical list of my favourite ways of looking after your vocal health for your business interactions in winter. 

You may have tried a few of these before, and you may like to try a few new suggestions. Some have scientific evidence, and others are purely anecdotal.

  • Red wine or dark grape juice.

There are many wonderful benefits to drinking red wine or the alternative dark grape juice concentrate (available from good health stores, this is simply red wine without the uplifting feeling brought on by the alcohol component). The tannins are the pivotal ingredient which dries up excess saliva and secretions thus helping you to feel less like an annoying dripping tap with the constant need to have a big box of tissues by your side.

  • Olive leaf extract with turmeric.

When swallowed slowly this feels very soothing on your sore throat with many direct health benefits provided by the ingredients. Olive leaf extracts (which contains many potentially bioactive compounds that have antioxidant, antihypertensive, antiatherogenic, anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic properties) and turmeric which is similarly known for its immune system support by fighting colds and cases of flu.

  • Honey, lemon & ginger tea.

This is another soothing remedy for your throat when it is feeling rough and inflamed whilst also calming the activity of your gastric juices in your churning stomach.

  • Green and liquorice tea.

Has many natural benefits including reducing the production of phlegm with a very pleasant sweet taste (please note: that at times green tea can have an intense effect on your stomach when taken on its own making you feel worse but a spoonful of honey can prevent this unpleasant experience).

  • Rum.

Seriously, the high alcohol content can kill nasty bugs and has a feel-good sedative effect helping you sleep at night and fast-tracking your recovery process preferably when taken straight in a medicinal shot glass.

  • Steaming.

Is simple and essential as soon as your throat is showing signs of an infection so that you can prevent your voice becoming infected allowing you to remain active in your business at least over the phone or virtually with your clients by holding webinars or sharing videos on social media.

It is very important to only use one drop of eucalyptus oil in a steaming pan of boiling water (otherwise you may feel a painful burning sensation in your eyes and throat). Position your head over the vestibule and with your mouth open wide breathe deeply in and out allowing the steam to penetrate every mucosal tissue. Be aware that this may trigger an expectorative coughing response which is one key avenue for your body to get rid of your unwelcome guests.

  • Horseradish and garlic tablets.

These components work together very effectively to combat your infections as garlic has strong natural antibiotic properties and horseradish forms the basis of wasabi, which like when you have it in sushi or a Japanese meal, has the effect of making your eyes water and your throat burn when taken in large portions.

  • Drinking water at room temperature.

This is a gentle form of hydration compared with drinking water straight from the fridge which can be harsh and challenging for your body.

  • Fresh raw fruit and vegetables.

This is not rocket science as we all know that the enzymes present in fresh, unprocessed foods including fresh organic juices are fast acting and effective in restoring your body back to its natural health.

  • Herbal lozenges

These are a preferable alternative to menthol (contained in Strepsils), which can have a drowsy effect. For those situations where you feel that you need to control that persistent tickle in your throat making you want to cough frequently, especially such as when chairing an important business meeting.

  • Avoiding toxins and pollution.

Fresh warm air is ideal for you to manage your health conditions but is not always possible during the winter months when we are surrounded by cold air infected with other people’s bugs thus prolonging our healing process even further.

  • Voice rest.

Resting your vocal cords facilitates the speed of their healing process without causing them to stress and strain in their compromised condition.

  • Balance.

Keeping warm whilst implementing these supplementary remedies only as recommended is crucial as over-dosing may make you feel worse (more is not better as less is more).

  • Sleep.

Above all quality rest and relaxation is under-rated as we tend to forget the inherent value of this time when your body is able to work towards healing itself from any illness.

If all of the above fails, good quality dark chocolate will usually make you feel better due to the ingredient of serotonin.

Give these a try to survive the winter blues and see if you can keep your vocals going strong throughout for the benefit of your health and your business.

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