Tips for Pitching to Be a Podcast Guest From a Podcast Host


Tips for Pitching to Be a Podcast Guest From a Podcast Host

Being a guest on a podcast is a great and easy way to share your expertise with a new and wide audience.

So, how do you increase your chances of getting onto a podcast? As a podcast host who features other experts and thought leaders on my podcast, I get many pitches from potential guests. Some are totally awesome and right on the money. Other pitches are less than ideal.

In this article, I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips for pitching to a podcaster:

1. Demonstrate familiarity with the podcast and its audience.

While I’m a massive fan of batching and templates, if you just copy and paste the same generic request without tailoring it specifically to the host and podcast that you’re pitching to, you probably aren’t going to get that many appearances.

Show the host that you’re familiar with their podcast and its audience. For example,

“I really enjoyed episode 58 about mindfulness and productivity with Tom Evans.”

Pro tip: Listen to one or two episodes of the podcast you’re pitching to. You don’t need to listen to every episode of a podcast. Have a look through the archive and pick out a few that might be complementary to your topic and listen to those.

2. Focus on the value you can add to the audience.

To improve your chances for success, always put yourself in the host’s shoes. They’re trying to provide great content for their audience. So, ask yourself, “What’s in it for the audience? How can I add value?”

For example, instead of writing, “I would like to talk about my business which helps entrepreneurs get better sleep”, try, “I think the topic of sleep and productivity would be really beneficial to your audience and complement the episode with Tom Evans really well. Many business owners really struggle to get a good night’s sleep; whether it’s staying up late finishing their presentation slides or having a restless night due to stress and pressure. I’d love to share with them my 4-step process to getting a better night’s rest and improving productivity and well-being.”

The second one is more likely to get a “Hell yes!” from me because you’ve demonstrated the value to my audience specifically.

3. Provide all information requested as part of the application process.

When applying, make sure you provide all the things asked for by the host or producer, e.g. a bio, headshot, topic, etc. It’s bad form to write, “I’ll send it to you later”. Because, while we all have the best intentions, it’s easy to forget and it makes the host or the producer chase you up for the information they need to put the episode together.

Get off on the right foot by providing everything needed up front.

4. Make sure your bio is in third person and readable.

Many hosts, myself included, will read out your bio as part of introducing you. You can make a great impression and get off to a great start if you provide a bio that’s in third person, is easy to read, and is nice and short. No host wants to or is going to read out your whole life story.

Pro-tip: Give your bio to someone else to read aloud for you, e.g. a friend, relative or spouse. This will help you spot anything that’s difficult to say, missing words etc.

5. Suggest some questions or areas to discuss.

Finally, this is a tip that will make your podcast interview really shine. As a host, I want to give my guests the best chance to provide amazing insight and content that my audience will benefit from. So, when you provide some key questions or areas for discussion, that means both you and the host will be on the same page, and you have a great chance to fully shine.

So, those are my 5 top tips on pitching to be a podcast guest. I’d love to know, do you have any other tips? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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