This Crazy Roller Coaster Called Life


This Crazy Roller Coaster Called Life

Have you noticed the ups and downs on this journey called life?

If you haven’t, you must have already passed over …

Life is meant to be full of contrast.

It is completely normal to have ups and downs in your business, and in your life in general. The trick is learning how to avoid being tossed off the track altogether.

When you are on an actual roller coaster, you probably hold your breath and scream a lot. It might not always be appropriate to do that in your everyday life, even though you might feel a very strong urge to do so.

How do you stay connected to the rails?

It is helpful to figure out what throws you off balance and how to deal with it. It is likely that it will be some form of a stressful event. At worst it might be a tragedy, like the death of a loved one, or perhaps a trauma of some sort. More commonly it will be persistent stress that is wearing you down.

Once you have identified the culprit, you can take care of it. Sometimes it will require the assistance of a skilled practitioner. If this is the case for you, remember that it shows strength to follow through on this obvious need.

The good news is you can feel a whole lot better.

Consider the cost to you if you do not deal with the problem. The cost won’t just affect you. It will flow through to your family, friends and work colleagues.

It may even put your business at risk, so take care of it now.

If it is more about the low grade but persistent stress, get some help in de-stressing your life and dealing with the stress as it comes up.

There are many and varied ways to de-stress:

  • Connecting with nature.
  • Connecting with your Higher Self.
  • Tapping to clear the stress (Emotional Freedom Techniques).
  • Movement.
  • Music.
  • Creativity.
  • Writing.
  • Drawing.
  • Praying.
  • Meditating.
  • Petting your animals.

When you decide that you love yourself enough to take care of yourself, you will find that there are a number of different approaches that will work for you.

Love yourself enough now.

Understand that life is meant to be full of ups and downs. The alternative is flat-lining, and flat-lining is death. Choose the ups and downs and get really good at recognising when you are on the downward journey and deliberately refocus your thoughts on a better feeling thought or activity, quickly.

It is definitely not about what happens to you. It is all about your response to what happens to you.

I highly recommend that you bring some connection to your Higher Power (God, Universal Energy, whatever your belief system allows) into the equation to help you stay connected and centred.

This is always available and a never-fail method to get yourself back into connection and determined to stay in a connected place as much as possible. It is the key to everything. This, and loving yourself enough to do it.

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