A Few Things to Remember as You Review Your Goals for This Year


A Few Things to Remember as You Review Your Goals for This Year

As the year plays out its closing scenes, many of us will review the goals we set back in January and be hard on ourselves for those we can’t put a giant tick next to.

I love big visions, grand designs and huge dreams, but they require a lot of steam and sometimes we need to acknowledge increments along the way to give us the puff to finish the job.

Parents will know that when your child shows you their picture they want you to marvel at it, even though you may need them to explain what it is. We like to think that as adults we are beyond that, but just as you encourage a child who is on their way to being big, so too do we need someone to put our paintings on the fridge now and then.

Regardless of whether you get this support from others, you must also be prepared to give it to yourself. Being your own biggest fan allows you to pat yourself on the back just for getting out of bed. No matter how small an achievement may appear to others, you are the one who truly understands the context in which it is done.

So here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as you wrap up the-year-that-was:

1. Take the time to acknowledge your small steps forward.

Andrew Griffiths published a video recently on acknowledging your small wins that contains a great way to keep tabs on your achievements. But however you choose to do it (a whiteboard, spreadsheet, lists or journal etc), just do it.

2. Break big tasks down into smaller tasks.

This helps to make progress easier to identify. You may not have completed a particular goal, but you may be able to check off 8 of the 10 steps it involves.

3. Make the most of the next few weeks and sprint for the finish line.

Be motivated by what you’ve already done and see if you can drag a few more goals over the line before New Year’s Eve.

4. Include achievements on your list that you didn’t even plan for.

The happy accidents, spontaneous decisions, and fortuitous meetings that all worked out for good.

5. Take note of the curve-balls you’ve managed this year.

All those unplanned, time-sapping issues that you dealt with are also accomplishments to acknowledge.

6. What did you learn?

Take a moment to think about the knowledge you gained this year. It may have been through formal education, research for a business project, self-improvement or even as a result of mistakes that were made. Learning is a nod-worthy achievement.

7. Acknowledge life.

Unless you operate your business in a vacuum, events in our personal lives frequently impact on our commercial plans. Good or bad, they are all part of sharing life with others. Maintaining relationships, connecting with others and keeping ourselves healthy all takes an investment of time.

8. Encourage others on their journey to big-dom.

You are not alone in needing the occasional word of encouragement. Take every opportunity (even seek them out) to acknowledge the relatively small achievements of others. Put their picture on the fridge for a while and let them know you see the importance in what they are doing.

Months seem to race by sometimes and although I know I’ve been busy, I find it hard to rattle off what I’ve achieved without a degree of reflection and perhaps writing things down. We are often our own worst critics, so this exercise is designed to create evidence by which we can adjust our thinking. What may appear at first glance to have been a relatively unproductive year, may actually surprise you.

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    Beautifully put, and essential reading. Thank you. Shared.

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