The World Is Your Oyster if You Build Your Business on Trust


The World Is Your Oyster if You Build Your Business on Trust

As I am sitting here writing this article, I am messaging a lady in Pennsylvania, USA. She has been following me on Facebook for some time and has enjoyed watching the designs I sketched come to life in the hands of our master jewellers.

One of my recent posts had really caught her eye; a heart shaped halo engagement ring. Conversations ensued and before long, we had added a wedding ring for both her and her fiancée. Even though I am going through the usual motions as I would with any client I look after, there was still an unwavering doubt in the back of my mind – Will this actually result in a sale? Would someone from the other side of the globe commission me to make a ring without seeing it first?

The answer was YES.

But how did this happen? Most importantly, how can you make it happen for you? Here are the steps that I went through to ensure that I had a happy client on the other side of the world.

  1. Establish a history of authenticity on your social media platform. There is no such thing as fake it till you make it, clients will always see through that. Simple things like signing every post I write with my name, allows clients to know they are responding directly with a real human being. People buy from people that they know, like and trust. So make sure you are not hiding behind your social profile.
  2. Out of the box exchanges. When we began communicating, I sent her video messages of me talking directly to the camera. I even sketched the ring she was dreaming of, so she could see her engagement ring come to life. These personal touches really show your future client that you are going the extra mile and doing what your competitors are not willing to do.
  3. Be quick on the reply. Clients today want to have their questions answered quickly. Unfortunately, today close of business responses are really not good enough – try to keep it to an hour if you can. Waiting too long to respond to a client shows that you are not interested in them. This stage momentum is vital.
  4. Trust is a Must. Constantly deliver everything that you have promised. In these early phases, trust is essential in continuing the relationship until a sale is finalised. I once heard on a podcast that the trust formula has actually been noted mathematically, as follows:

Trust = Honesty x Skilfulness x Doing what you say you will do or personal interest.

The first three are self-explanatory, but the last one is something that is perhaps the most important. For without it, it doesn’t matter how much of the other three you have, the end result will be nil. At all times, you must ensure that you have the clients personal interest at heart and not your own.

I always recommend to my clients what I genuinely believe is in their best interests, regardless of which is better for me financially. I honestly believe in the lifetime value of a client, and in some way a bit of Karma. Doing the right thing for your clients will always come back in positive ways. One of those ways might be as a regular return client or through referrals.

If you can master all of these components you will not only have success in the online world, but in face to face as well. But these principals are not just important at the beginning, but all the way through to the end as well. Now my client can look forward to photos of her dream ring being created, and a video at the end or her stunning ring.

One final pearl of wisdom (pun intended), always aim to please and over deliver.

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