The Secret Ingredient to Boost Your Credibility


The Secret Ingredient to Boost Your Credibility

You’re good at what you do. You’ve done the training and got the credentials. You’ve put in the hard work with clients, and they’ve gotten great results.

But, your business has plateaued. You’re struggling to step out of the trading time for money trap. While you’ve got lots of great, compelling sales copy. Perhaps even a whole bunch of content – blogs, articles, social media and more. But, something isn’t translating into growth.

Sometimes, you find yourself in conversation with potential clients, and they’re just not sure that what you’ve laid before them is a real thing. Whether it’s a program, a coaching package, or something else, you’re missing that secret ingredient to suddenly give credibility to all of your hard work and experience.

The missing ingredient – infographics.

A simple picture can take you from being a risky bet for a client to being a sure thing.

And I’m not talking about those gorgeous branding photos. While those are a gorgeous asset to have, they are not as important as models. Models are visual diagrams that distill your value model and your methodology.

Things like this:

  • My 7 Stages of Course Creation.

© Renee Hasseldine

  • A Success Criteria like this one that shows my clients and my potential clients what their Passion Sweet Spot looks like.

© Renee Hasseldine

These images quickly demonstrate to potential clients that I have a system, and that my thinking is so clear and organised, that I can draw a simple diagram. It makes it easier for them to quickly understand what I’m talking about without wading through paragraphs and paragraphs of text.

Why do visual models have power?

If you just throw a whole bunch of words at me, the way my brain works is I immediately start to try and file, chunk and organise it visually. I’m not good at just listening to words and understanding them without having a visual model to help me organise them.

And, you may be feeling like, that’s not entirely fair. You’ve got degrees. You’ve got x number of years of experience, but I’m telling you that what makes all the difference, is a little image? Yup.


People believe it when they see it. Turning something into a visual model makes it easier to understand and instantly gives it more credibility.

An example – Smart Chicks.

I recently had a mentoring call with the founders of Smart Chicks. They already had an idea for a leveraged program they were building. They’d obviously put a lot of effort into thinking about how they were pulling it all together.

However, when we sat down to work through it, what we discovered was that they had a lot of great, unique thinking and methodologies, but they wanted to organise it all visually.

So, in an hour, we brainstormed, I played with a whiteboard, and at the end of it, they suddenly had three models.

One that showed their program’s value model – i.e. where their clients’ start off and where they’d like to end up.

© Smart Chicks, 2017

Plus, two more infographics. One that shows their underlying principles and another that shows the elements in their program.

Now all of a sudden, their intellectual property was organised. It was chunked. It was much easier to understand than a page of copy. All because we had taken the time to visually draw what they already had in their heads – and make it tangible, something that people could believe actually exists, is an actual thing.

Do you have visual models in your business? How valuable do you find them in sales conversations? In creating products? I’d love to know! Let’s chat in the comments below.

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