The Power (or Damage) to Your Brand When You Say “Yes”


The Power (or Damage) to Your Brand When You Say “Yes”

I have previously written about the bullying and disrespect being displayed in many reality TV Shows, and it’s made me think further about the reputational damage or enhancement to a person’s brand by saying “Yes” to be part of these shows.

To demonstrate how your brand could be affected, let me look at three shows:

And again, my observations are mainly coming from seeing the ads for the shows.

1. Married at First Sight.

This is a show which has three panellists whose reputation and brand is portrayed as them being ‘relationship experts’, and that based on a questionnaire and selection process, they can match perfect strangers together for a lifetime of marital bliss. Therefore, they are saying to the world, if you can’t find your perfect partner; then come to us, and we can solve this problem for you.

So here are my thoughts:

  • Are they really ‘experts’ when their track record of success, i.e. people living happily ever after is very low across the current and previous seasons?
  • They appear to tolerate and actually enable bullying and disrespectful behaviour for the entertainment value it provides.
  • Would you go to them if your relationship was in trouble or you needed help finding your perfect partner? I think the answer would be “No” unless you wanted some notoriety by saying you went to the Married At First Sight expert.

Now think about their business brand which is also their personal brand. 

Do you think they have created a positive image for their brand, or instead done damage to their brand by saying “Yes” to being on a national TV show which gets edited (possibly without their consent)?

Maybe this isn’t a concern for them because they keep coming back and being on the show, but I know this would be an issue for myself and my business brand.

2. The Batchelor.

Nick Cummins (aka The Honey Badger) was an ex-rugby union player, turned underwear model who decided to be The Batchelor and put himself out there for love. Now initially you might say that’s a very brave thing to do (and it is) but again, let’s look at the end result.

He didn’t choose either of the last two girls and was caned on social media.

So again, did he do damage to his business and personal brand by saying “Yes”, or did the publicity outweigh the outrage?

3. Dancing With The Stars.

Samuel Johnson is the Australian actor probably best known as Evan from The Secret Life of Us or when he played Molly Meldrum in the miniseries Molly, for which he won the Gold Logie.

But what he’s most passionate about is the charity he and his sister, Connie, set up in 2012 called Love Your Sister which only has one mission: Vanquishing All Cancers. To help raise the profile and funds for this very personal cause, he has now said “Yes” to being on Dancing With The Stars, and from all accounts, he is doing quite well which is fantastic.

I caught Sam’s dance the other night and his comments to both hosts as part of the post-dance evaluation. On at least three occasions, I heard Sam say, “I’ve just got Connie’s voice in my head saying, ‘Now is Awesome’.”

What a beautifully simple and profound and wonderful phrase to both ground and inspire all of us to embrace each and every day with joy and happiness, rather than negativity and resentment.

So again I ask, has Sam empowered or damaged his brand and personal reputation by saying “Yes” to being on the show?

I know the answer as I’m sure you do as well, especially when you compare the bravery of Sam versus Nick because Sam has acknowledged he can’t dance, but he’s giving it a red hot go, for a bigger cause and purpose.

We all have a choice as to what we say “Yes” to each and every day.

But I hope you might take a moment, take a breath, and think about not only brand reputation but also whether by simply saying “Yes” or making a public comment if this is the best decision at this time, and for the long term financial viability of your business?

Remember, people have very long memories, and one slip up could be very costly, and in some cases, mean irreversible damage, and I would hate for that to happen to you and your business.

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