The Power of Writing a Book for Small Business Owners


The Power of Writing a Book for Small Business Owners

In recent weeks I’ve had many conversations about the power of books and writing a book for Small Business.

In conjunction with the Mayor of Smallville, the inimitable Andrew Griffiths, I recently had the great pleasure of launching the Australian Business Book Awards, which we’ve been working on since early this year, along with my business partner Anna.

The book is mightier than the sword

My father was a writer, so I grew up treating books with the reverence they deserve.  I see books as about the most valuable things on the planet, and the written word as the greatest human invention ever. Without books and writing, we wouldn’t have any of the everyday items we take for granted. We wouldn’t have cars. And we wouldn’t have healthcare. We wouldn’t have an economic system. We wouldn’t even have a civilised society. 

There’s a reason tyrants around the world destroy or ban books and round up – or even kill – writers. There’s a reason it’s still very dangerous to be a writer in certain parts of the world. 

Books for Small Business

The Bible was the first book to be mass produced when the printing press was perfected by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. It is estimated that he printed 180 copies. The power of the book has continued uninterrupted from that day until this, and will continue for many years yet. (Rumours of the book’s death are greatly exaggerated.)

Books have been used since their invention by authors to demonstrate their skill and expertise in their chosen field. And that’s how small business owners today can capitalise on writing and publishing a book. 

Writing a book to promote yourself and your business can help you to:

  • connect with clients – current, past and future
  • establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • demonstrate your skill and how you do business
  • gain media exposure
  • connect with others in your field, including other key industry figures
  • separate yourself from your competitors
  • gain speaking engagements
  • develop other products, such as a podcast or a blog.
  • And much, much more. 

Yes, these days when we want to find out something we all use Google, YouTube, blogs, and other online resources. But what do we do when we seriously want to dig into a topic? We go to a bookstore or a library. 

Have a think about every successful business owner you know. I bet they all read. A lot. I’ve never met a successful business owner who doesn’t. 

Writing a book for your Small Business is an immensely powerful tool for the same reasons books are simply immensely powerful. And that’s why we’re so proud and so excited to have launched the Australian Business Book Awards.

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