The Power in Your Fingers


The Power in Your Fingers

Did you know that you can clear painful emotions just using the power of your fingers?

In the early 1990s, Gary Craig developed this amazing technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as tapping. His intention was to make the process of emotional therapy faster and more effective.

EFT certainly achieves that aim. Before you begin to tap, you need to have a focus on which to tap. Choose your target.

Choose a specific event which represents the feeling you would like to clear.

Now that you have your target feeling, you need to choose a specific event that is representative of that feeling. Take the worst or the first time you had this feeling. The more specific you are, the better result you will get.

Take a very short (30-second) frame out of the movie of that event.

If you think of the specific event as a movie, imagine that you take a frame out of that movie. This should be very short, say 30-seconds. This is the piece of the movie that you will come back to, checking the intensity of how it feels after every round of tapping.

Interestingly, even though your movie will usually be much more than 30-seconds in length, if you work on the worst piece of it first, it will usually knock the intensity out of the rest of the event. If there is still intensity in other pieces of the event, you just work on them in 30-second increments until there is no intensity left.

When you look at that 30-second piece, give it an intensity out of 10.

The measure of 10/10 is the most intense and 0/10 is no intensity at all.

Give the 30-second piece a name (one or two words is best).

Make the name the most negative way you can express the feeling. Alternatively, make the name a movie title, like Horror Movie. The more truthful you can be about this the better.  You want to get to the gut truth of this. Is it ‘scary’ or is it ‘terrifying’? Is it ‘anger’ or is it ‘rage’? I find that swearing is very expressive and very helpful in this step, but be careful with this if you are working with someone else.

Set up phrase – repeat this phrase three times while tapping on the karate chop point.

Tap on the karate chop and say “Even though I have this Horror Movie I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Tap on each of the points about 7 – 10 times and repeat Horror Movie once at each point:

  1. Crown.
  2. Eyebrow.
  3. Side of Eye.
  4. Under Eye.
  5. Under nose.
  6. On the dip in your chin.
  7. Collarbone.
  8. Under arm.
  9. Wrist.
  10. Karate.
  11. Crown.

Now retest and assess the current intensity.

Keep tapping until the intensity is down to 0/10.

This might happen in one sitting, or you might need to come back to it, again and again, to get it clear. It really does not matter how long it takes, as long as it is cleared.

Remember to test and retest.

Once you have really cleared the event, there should be no emotional charge on it. You want to be sure to test every part of it to be sure so that you don’t have it come up again at a later time. If you get it cleared and it seems to come back up, you will most likely find that it is another piece of the event, that did not get cleared the first time you worked on it.

If it does resurface at a later time, you will find the clearing process is much easier because you have already done the bulk of the work. Best to get it done all at once though. The great news is that once it is cleared, it is gone for good and can’t come back!

If you are struggling you need to seek out a skilled practitioner to help you get there.

Do not ever give up. You really can be free from troubling emotions.

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