The Guilt of Success

When we are busy, we feel like we are earning our money, although often we are just being busy for the sake of being busy.

But what happens when the money flows because we are being more effective because we are doing the right activities and we have more time? Do you feel guilty? It seems counterintuitive that we should feel bad about being effective, but we seem to have become accustomed to believing that success without heartache, sweat and tears is not justified.

Often our default position is to keep busy regardless of how effective it is.

However, when you review where the wins in business come from it is often due to some specific actions; an event you showed up to, a call you made, a referral you received. In the meantime, we keep on the treadmill of more social media posts, more email funnels, more tweaking of the website because that keeps us busy.

Rarely do we want to acknowledge that by simply focusing on the activities that get the best outcomes we can have more time, more business and more flow. It just doesn’t seem natural. From school days we have been taught that hard work is essential to success. Long hours are required. Forcing yourself through the uncomfortable tasks is necessary.

But what if we don’t have to make it hard for ourselves? What if, we pause and identify where the opportunities are created and simply focus on those activities. What if we unlearn our indoctrination from our formative years?

I’ve heard that 5% of activities actually generate the results.

That is a huge 95% of ‘keeping busy’ activities. So, what are the 5 percenters that make the big difference in your life and your business? When have your big wins happened? Is it through a partnership? Is it through a niche you have immersed yourself in? Is it through the right pitch delivered to the right person at the right time?

How can you repeat those wins and just focus on these game-changing activities? And then can you live with the guilt of doing things more easily? It seems ironic doesn’t it, but in a lot of ways, it is true. We have this sense that we are not worthy to do things the easy way. We were taught at school not to cheat. That’s important but along the way we’ve interpreted that to include taking shortcuts that can make things easier.

Then when things do flow, we start to sabotage the process. Our ingrained learning is telling us this can’t be right. It shouldn’t be this easy. It needs to be corrected back to the way things normally are.

This is when you need to grow up. You need to honour your success and your growth. You need to recognise that you are worthy of your wins and having your life flow. Change the script in your head. Rewrite your story and celebrate the joy of doing effective processes that create a thriving business.

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