The Best Social Media Monitoring Software for Every Business

Social networking has long been a place for people to voice their opinions about everything. We may want to ignore posts about politics or other sensitive topics, but we need to be aware of attitudes towards our company, brand, and products. You can also ask about the key leaders of your company, such as the CEO, CMO, and public speakers.

Social media monitoring is a necessity. Social media monitoring tools are now available to gather data from blogs, news sites, forums, and social media platforms. These tools can range from simple and free to complex Big Data machines that perform extensive analysis and cost an arm and a leg. (Article last updated on Oct. 2021. )

This article includes tools to suit every budget and goal.

These tools all have one thing in common: they are effective. Unfortunately, this is not a universal feature. Some devices (e.g., Google Alerts) do not collect the data that they promise to gather.


Awario, my company, is the best social media monitoring tool. It monitors major social media platforms (including Reddit), forums, blogs, news websites, and the Web as a whole. The keyword mentions are in real-time, but you can also access unlimited historical data. Use Awario’s Boolean Search if you find that the keywords you are using produce a lot of irrelevant data.

The dashboard allows you to reply directly to mentions. This is great for customer service or reputation management. Awario’s Awario leads feature is a powerful tool for lead generation. It uses the latest social media monitoring techniques to identify prospects looking online for information about your product or service.


Mention covers the Web, social media, blogs, forums, news sites, and all other major platforms. It ignores historical data and delivers new results. Word allows you to work with your keyword mentions in many ways. You can tag them and organize them, create custom reports, and export them in different formats.

You can create a feature to update the reports whenever something changes in your alert, for example, if you suddenly see a spike of negative mentions. You can assign words to members of your social media marketing team.

Mention, like Awario, does sentiment analysis to find social media influencers within any niche. Word shows you your influencers’ interests, location, and number of followers, simplifying influencer advertising.


Brand24 is a similar tool that can monitor pretty much anything you would like to watch. The device also stores historical data going back 12 months. It allows for multiple users: you can have as many as 99 people working on mentions. It’s unlikely that anyone has a social media marketing team this large, but having the option is always helpful.

Brand24 provides basic mentions statistics, such as the volume of mentions over time and in different languages and countries. It also performs sentiment analyses. Brand24 also provides reports on social listening statistics and influencers.

Brand24’s mobile app makes monitoring on the move easier than most other tools.


Social media monitoring is primarily focused on reputation management. In today’s world, where social media is a major source of crisis, some monitoring tools are devoted to this aspect.

Reputology monitors Google and Facebook, as well as local search directories and employee review sites. It also searches app directories and employee review sites to find comments and reviews about your business. It sends emails to alert you to mentions and monitors them in real time. This will help to protect your reputation by ensuring that you respond as quickly as possible. A robust sentiment analysis, along with basic analytics, allows you to track your KPIs as well as spot important trends.


TweetDeck, a Twitter-only tool, is less comprehensive than those described thus far. It does an excellent job. You can schedule posts, look at analytics, and listen to Twitter conversations.

TweetDeck, owned by Twitter, is a trustworthy tool. This tool is a must-have if you plan to use Twitter as a marketing platform. Twitter is a platform that’s made for marketers. After all, an average Twitter user will follow five businesses.


Keyhole monitors hashtags and keywords on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and news sites. The data is delivered in real-time, but historical data can also be requested. Keyhole offers automated posting to Twitter and Instagram. It has a good amount of analytics, such as advanced sentiment analyses, geolocation, language filtering, and influencer identification.

Reporting is where Keyhole’s real power lies. In more expensive plans, you can create PDF reports that are completely customizable and professional-looking. Reporting to clients is made easy and enjoyable.


Digimind is an analytics and social listening platform. It can find mentions on blogs, social media sites, news websites, and other web pages in real-time. It tracks mentions anywhere and in any language. It performs sentiment analyses, displays key themes for keywords, and finds influencers on social media in any niche. It shows in graphs your current social media growth and future opportunities.

Digimind’s intuitive and user-friendly interface is also often praised by its users. It converts the massive amounts of data that it collects into content that’s easy to understand and use. You can also create stunning, fully customizable reports within seconds.


Hootsuite, a platform for social media management, also offers social listening. It supports multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Hootsuite was designed for social media marketing teams. Its main advantages are the organization of mentions and the ability to assign posts and comments so that other team members can respond quickly.

You can also filter results by location and language or perform sentiment analysis. Also, you can see key performance metrics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also track how well your employees perform: the tool measures how long it takes for your team to reply to tweets and Facebook posts.


Brandwatch is one of the most popular social media monitoring software. This is a very expensive enterprise tool, but it is worth it for detailed brand health and market research.

Brandwatch monitors social networks, blogs, and forums, as well as the Web at large. It analyses the mentions and provides information in fully customizable, professional reports. Brandwatch’s tool uses data from Hootsuite and Buzzsumo to combine with its own to give you a comprehensive view of your audience, including their demographics, preferences, languages, locations, sentiments, and much more. Brandwatch analyzes your niche, displaying things such as trending topics.

Brandwatch analyzes images in addition to text, which is impressive and certainly useful for large brands.

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