The 3 Keys to an Irresistible Offer


The 3 Keys to an Irresistible Offer

“It’s the end of your presentation; you delivered value, you say your final words and you hear the crowd cheering. You feel amazing, and you see people flocking to the back of the room, lined up to pay you $$$.”

How do you make this happen? It’s simple. One of the key things you must do is to create an ‘Irresistible Offer’.

Here are my 3 keys to an ‘Irresistible Offer’ when you sell from the stage.

Think of an audience of, say, 100 people, where you are able to speak on someone’s stage at an event where you are not paid a speaking fee. You are permitted to sell your product at the end (back of room sales), and there are other speakers who are also able to speak and sell from the stage.

Key 1 – Solve their problem.

Make sure that above all else, you give value to your audience. Help them to solve their problem. Move them along the problem spectrum (from pain to pleasure) in a practical way.

The best way you can do this in the time allocated is to give valuable tips, insights and teachings that the audience can already start to use and apply to gain positive results. This is the first step to gain trust in your product (or program or service).

The golden rule that has stood the test of time is that people buy from people they know, like and trust. To add to this, you want to bring your personality into your presentation. Even if you are not a funny person (like me!) you can still entertain them, bring your energy and have fun with your audience. Even if they don’t buy from you, they can still get to know you. Honesty, about who you are and what you think, can allow the audience to like you.

Solve their problem and make it enjoyable.

Key 2 – Stack the value.

Create an offer that is like a feast for your audience. For example, not only a piece of meat, offer the side dishes with different flavours and tastes. Make your offer multi-dimensional. Make it more than one product (or program or service). For example, while they wait to attend your retreat, offer them something to get started with:

  • An online program.
  • An e-book or book to read.
  • A membership site to log onto.
  • A pdf with tips.
  • A consultation, assessment.
  • A day with you (one-on-one) to go through your success blueprint (weight loss, spiritual life, million dollar business).

An example of where I apply this is with my Speaking Mastery Program. I offer three bonuses: a book, a speaker checklist and a 7 steps to unlimited speaking gigs pdf.

Let them marinate in your content! Whatever you include, it needs to be value-adding.

Key 3 – Be slightly uncomfortable.

When you have put together an offer that makes you feel like, “Ooh I’ve gone just that little bit too far”, this is when your offer becomes ‘irresistible’ to your audience.

This feels uncomfortable to you, but to your audience member, it makes him, or her feel safe. When the audience has a need, a real pain point, a problem to solve, and you make them feel safe, they know that the investment will be worth it. They will gain ground in their problem. The pain will go away.

What can you expect for your conversion rate? 

10%; this is the golden rule. If one in ten people are willing to invest in your product or program, you have a viable business model.  Of course, it can be more which is great for you. This metric will give you an idea about what to aim for.

There is one really important step that has to occur after the sale. You must deliver! Deliver the value as promised. Go beyond. Surprise and delight! Keep that safe feeling alive.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    Thanks for this piece Anna. I’m already doing most of this, but I’m really intrigued by the “be slightly uncomfortable” tip. I think that’s a line I don’t walk very often or well. Do you have any tips for feeling like you’re going that extra little bit without going too far and offering so much you burn out?

  • Anna Perdriau

    Hi Renee, thanks for your feedback! So pleased to hear you are already applying most of these. In terms of tips for giving the extra, suggest you offer something like a bonus item thrown in (value add). In terms of how to avoid too much you burn out, suggest you focus on offering items that are low cost, high value add (like an ebook, video tips series or pdf) where it doesn’t tie up your time for them to consume it at their pace and without you having to be there. Hope this helps, if you’d like to talk more feel free to email me!

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