Take Control and Buckle Up for the Ride


Take Control and Buckle Up for the Ride

‘How’ is the new ‘why’.

I look back on the years I spent in uniform, I can reflect on, “What was my scariest moment on the job?” Through all the fires, car crashes, bodies and macabre instants; I now reflect on, ‘how’. How did I endure, remain calm, professional and unfazed?

Fires, be it training or actual, range from 700 to 1000 degrees Celsius, regardless; we go in. Again, the question remains ‘how’ did I do it? We always know ‘why’ we do it; to save lives or property.

Appropriate preparation, training and familiarity meant my reaction ‘on the job’ was resolute and unwavering; on the other hand, the newbie or unprepared firefighter can be easily overwhelmed and hesitant, they become part of the problem, not the solution.

My point being, it was my know-how, my life and job familiarities and understandings of my world that wins the day. The key being, work hard and relentlessly on your underpinning knowledge and underpinning skills; know your space.

Whether your goal is to run the Boston Marathon, lose weight or to gain muscle, or increase business by 20%; if you wish to take control of your destiny, you definitely need to know not just the ‘why’ but also the ‘how’, and then keep track of your progress.

You’re 100% in control.

We lost 13 pilots in six months, and in nearly every case, the worst pilots died by their own stupidity. – Chuck Yeager.

The who’s who are now talking about understanding and the importance of your ‘why’; as in, why you do what you do… preaching and orating knowing ‘why’ is now the fashion, it’s the trend. I believe there is so much more to it than just knowing your ‘why’. If you don’t understand your ‘how’ well it starts and ends with ‘why’ – no progress.

Here’s how ‘how’ works.

Operate to a purpose, strive to get as many experiences and as much knowledge as you can, make as much use as you can of your time to understand your space, your purpose, your why, your what, and of course your how.

When working on your ‘how’, you decide what you do or don’t do. You opt who you spend your time with, what you read, study, work or focus on. Most importantly, you can stop being a victim to your circumstances or condition, stop blaming others, your upbringing, parents or such – no more excuses. Own it.

Learning but leading.

Yes, we must learn our craft, we should learn it from the sensei’s out there, the gurus in their space but beware no one person knows it all. Learning and wisdom can come from the oddest of places and people, don’t shut off to where it may come from, don’t focus on just the one source, this will lead to you becoming a minion, not a trailblazer.

You must find your own unique path; you must start doing it for yourself, learn your own lessons, this can only come from doing, from actual application. Only then you can begin to forge your own distinctive one-off path, become the best version of you in your art, where one day they will recognise you for your uniqueness, individuality and value.

The sparks to start your fire: 

  • Clearly define why, what and how in your space.
  • Action defines you, not only plans and talk.
  • Track of your progress. Record your results.
  • Stop being a victim to your circumstances; stop blaming and making excuses.
  • Believe that you’re 100% in control of your life. Make the challenge of it irresistible.
  • You are what you think you are.


Buckle in, start your engines, and take control of your life. You chose the fast overtaking lane or remain in the slow lane, below the speed limit and follow others. Why remain in the shadows when you can show them how good you can really be? Don’t do it for your peers, or the critics, do it for you, and because you can. Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Come home from the battle either carrying your shield or on it. No regrets, no blame … Own it.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    Thank for writing this, Dean. I agree that WHY without HOW is directionless. We can’t just abandon the HOW or we’ll make little to no progress.

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