Super Secret Content Creation Hacks


Super Secret Content Creation Hacks

There are a bunch of nifty hacks and shortcuts that content creators (such as myself) use to help us create content that is relevant and on point for our clients.

But trying to find out what these insider tips are is a bit like asking a magician to give up the secret to the trick, it just doesn’t happen …. Until now. I want to share a bunch of my favourite insider links that I use before I begin creating content for anyone. Take some time to click around them and have a look, they don’t create the content for you, but they should help you with your preliminary research to ensure you’re on the right track.

Blogging and web copy.

While the Google algorithm has undergone significant changes since the old keyword days (check out my previous Smallville article on How to Speak Google 2018) there is no doubt that you should still be mindful of what your clients are searching for. Before I begin writing any kind of blog or web copy I’ll always check out these couple of sites for some research:

It’s free and will provide you with insights across various channels including Google, YouTube and Amazon. Enter your core word, and you’ll usually be presented with three to five (often more) search options. You can then enter ‘negative’ words (i.e. ones you would like omitted from your search). If you want more data than that, then you’ll need to opt-in for their paid version.

This magic little site crosses over so many aspects of content creation from reviewing which pieces of content were most shared, to what is currently trending and even being able to search for influencers. It is a subscription service, but they offer a seven-day trial, and they will jump on a call with you to talk you through how everything works (trust me, you’ll want to take them up on that). The only disclaimer I will give you about this site is that some of the content (such as influencers) is heavily geared towards the USA market … Even so, I use this site, a lot!

This is another free site and another personal favourite. If you only click on one link, make it this one. I love the interaction of the guy on the home page (you’ll understand what I mean when you click on the link), and the amount of data you get from using this site never ceases to amaze me. This is a great one to use when you’re struggling to come up with an idea for a blog.

Struggling to think of a catchy title for your article? This site will give you pages and pages of title options to choose from. Simply enter your keyword (e.g. content marketing) and watch it do its magic. You may need to tweak a few of the suggestions to fit, but it sure does help the brain to think outside the title box.

Audio and podcasting.

If you’ve been following my articles for a while, then you’ll know of my penchant for podcasting. Helping business owners embrace this unusual form of communication remains one of my favourite things to do.

With the addition of these couple of audio hacks, the barrier to podcasting entry is almost non-existent.

Need to record an interview with one or more people remotely and don’t like the dropouts that can occur with Skype or Zoom? Give Zencastr a try. This free software is a cloud-based solution that has saved my butt on more than one occasion. With inbuilt redundancies, Zencastr records the conversation on each person’s computer, meaning, if the internet has a ‘moment’ in your location and you lose the call, Zencastr will continue to record uninterrupted. It makes the editing process for your producer (or you) so much easier.

This guy is only a relatively new player to the market, so expect an intermittent bug or two while you’re playing around. But for what this software does you definitely want to have a play. Basically, Descript will allow you to upload an audio file and create the transcription online. From there you can edit the audio file, which will automatically edit the transcription or vice versa. Very handy indeed!


Ok, last but not least let’s finish on video. I’m still far more confident behind a microphone than a camera, but I understand how important it is to be embracing the whole video thing. An important thing with video to note though is, the majority (like well over 80%) of videos are watched with the sound off. So, getting your video’s transcribed is essential.

Enter Recastly. The best program I’ve found for creating subtitles for your videos (without having to send them to a transcriber). You can change font size, insert grammar corrections, change the colour or box background… and best of all the translation from voice to text is pretty darn good. You’ll still need to watch and read back through to double check things, but if you like the DIY versions, then this is the software for you.

I hope you’ve found some of my favourite links as helpful as I do. Please don’t dob me into the ‘content creators guild’, I don’t want my membership revoked for sharing trade secrets.

If you have a favourite ‘go to’ link, hack or trick you use when creating content leave me a comment and share what it is, I’d love to hear about it!

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