Success Rituals: The Key to Daily Productivity


Success Rituals: The Key to Daily Productivity

Implementing daily success rituals like the ones mentioned in this article are a proven path to increasing productivity.  

Are you finding yourself struggling with being busy, but not productive?

Maybe you’re experiencing brain fog, feeling lethargic and getting easily distracted?

I can 100% relate because  I know this situation all too well, having lived it myself not too long ago.  And fortunately, I came across success rituals. 

The power of success rituals

I read that top entrepreneurs and leaders all shared a common practice – powerful morning rituals.

Your success rituals are a set of habits you choose to perform daily.

In addition to increasing productivity, here are some of the other benefits I’ve found: 

  • You’ll be happier during the day.
  • You’ll be less stressed because you’ll be creating enough time and space for self-care. 
  • And you will have more willpower and confidence, also a bigger flow of positive energy, which has a positive effect on the people around you (and that will make them want to be around you more!).

Below I’ll share each of my five success rituals and how they’ve benefited me personally and professionally. 

Success ritual #1: Start each day with a morning ritual 

Your morning ritual is key for starting your day the right way. You want to have a pleasant morning so it can positively affect the rest of your day.

My mornings begin with a 10 or 20-minute meditation. 

Meditation has been proven to provide countless benefits, including decreasing stress levels, improving concentration and reducing anxiety. 

Every second day I do ten minutes of intense exercise. Short high-intensity workouts can have just as much benefit as spending longer amounts of time in the gym.

As part of my morning routine, I also make an effort to learn something new. My favourite way to do that is to listen to a podcast while I’m riding my bicycle to work. The ride from home to work is currently approx. 15 minutes. 

Success ritual #2: Daily scrum

The “daily scrum” framework comes from the Agile development methodology, and it’s a process to help teams get work done.

Scrums are usually done in the morning, and it’s a process of having team members quickly share three things with each other:

  • What did I do yesterday?
  • What do I plan to do today?
  • Are there any obstacles?

I share my daily scrum online using Slack with my virtual mastermind group.

Success ritual #3: Fasting

A few months ago, and in an effort to lose fat from my body, I got into practising intermittent fasting (IF). There are other reported benefits to IF too.

I do my fasts 16 hours a day for five days. I don’t fast on the weekends.

A mate introduced me to the Zero Fasting app, and that has allowed me to track my fasting efforts, stay accountable, and have fun with the process (even though some days were easier than others). 

The result after 25 days of fasting? I lost 8 kgs!  Furthermore, I had far more energy, and my mental clarity was at an all-time high. That meant better productivity at work!

Success ritual #4: Get adequate sleep

It’s very important to have a healthy sleeping habit. 

It’s not only about getting enough hours. Quality of sleep also matters.

I’m usually in bed around 9 or 10 pm. In the morning, I’m fresh and rested.

This helps me boost my concentration levels and my productivity.   

Success ritual #5: Connect with someone important

Connecting with special people is what decorates your day. 

When you make an effort to nourish and nurture your important relationships, you’ll find your moods elevated, and your heart expands. 

For me, this someone special is my wife. I call her every day at lunchtime without fail.

Who’s that person for you? Make sure you schedule a time to connect with them often. 

A final note on success rituals

As you can see, implementing daily success rituals like the ones mentioned above are a proven path to increasing productivity and fulfilment. 

Personal growth teacher Robin Sharma believes that “consistency is the mother of mastery”.

The key is to find the success rituals that work for you as an individual. So have a go at one or more of these, and then create your own success rituals. 

Which of these rituals have you already tried, or will be trying next? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you. 

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