Are You Struggling to Get Moving Again?


Are You Struggling to Get Moving Again?

Today was my first day back in the office after almost a month away.

It was an amazing month of family, travel, reflection and relaxation. By the end of it, I couldn’t wait to get back to work, energised and motivated to go hard into the new year. And then I returned and sat down at my desk.

Firstly, I’d tripped over a pile of paper-work just getting to my chair. To my left a ‘to-do’ pile so high it was threatening to spill onto the floor. To my right a stack of unopened mail dating back to the weeks before I left.

Ten minutes into the year that was going to be ‘our year’ and I already felt like I couldn’t breathe. Fifteen minutes into my new-year and I found myself standing in the kitchen, coffee in hand, gazing longingly out the window. This wasn’t the way I had planned on spending my first day back. My last month had been spent making plans and getting organised, but thinking about this new ‘to-do’ list, on top of the old one, just made it worse.

So, it had only taken about half an hour into my first day back for the first, ‘I’m so tired’ thought, to creep into my brain. How could I be tired? I’d just spent a month doing basically nothing but recharging. And, I was tired.

It was then I remembered a conversation I’d had with a business coach in the middle of last year. We were going through a tough time, and he was worried about how much stress we were under. I’d mentioned that although we’d taken a break at the time, coming back not much had changed.

A bit of a storyteller himself, he started to tell me a tale of a car stuck in the mud. The driver would hit the accelerator. It felt like he was doing something, but ultimately, he was getting nowhere. Then he’d stop and rest the car, take a breath. The hit the accelerator again. Then stop. Do you get where I’m going with this?

I was starting to realise that although in the last six months things had gotten better, I was still repeating the same behaviour. I’d become so overwhelmed that I wanted to run. I thought a break, away from the office was the answer. But really all I did was close the door on the problem for four weeks.

So how could I get back that feeling I had while I was away, the motivation to come back and kick butt? What needed to change? It really came down to one thing. I had clutter everywhere, and it needed to go. So this is how I spent the day:

Clearing the ‘to-do’ pile.

That towering pile of things to do. Gone. The majority of that stuff was in the pile for ‘future Lee’ to deal with. The reality is if it were a priority, it would have already been dealt with already.

Clearing the calendar. 

I had notifications set to remind me to make payments to accounts that no longer exist!

Clearing physical rubbish.

It’s amazing how much physical rubbish you accumulate unknowingly. Until you start clearing things with intention in your office, it will stay.

Clearing notes and notebooks. 

I’m a note taker and hand writer and not a very neat one at that. The new year is a great opportunity to start fresh. Get a brand-new notebook and go back through the old one. Transfer ideas and notes that are relevant to moving forward and archive the rest.

Clearing and updating your space.

The last thing I did was move my office around to create a new flow. Some breathing space. I framed and hung things that we achieved during the last year, and things that my kids made for me. Things that make me feel happy and proud.

If this is you, if you’ve been away and now you’re back but struggling to find that motivation and excitement, invest some time in decluttering your business and your space.

Don’t stay stuck in the mud. Be the person who stopped. Found a bit of wood, stuck it under the wheel and really got moving.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    I’m still technically on holidays, and I’m hoping my first day back is a good one, although I can see myself needing to implement some of these tips! I admit though, I have been doing little bits here and there so hopefully *fingers crossed* my re-entry into business life after 6 weeks off is fairly smooth.

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